Apple Samsung Patent Infringement

Apple Samsung Patent Infringement

Apple Samsung Patent Infringement - August 26, 2012:

Apple vs Samsung then Samsung vs Apple, the patent infringement case has finally been decided by 9 federal court jurors in San Jose, California. This Apple & Samsung patent war where Apple claimed that Samsung had violated seven of their patents and Samsung declared that Apple infringed on five of their patents has been resolved and Apple is victor for the moment. Apple has been awarded $1 billion for damages. Still Samsung stated that it will appeal.

The Apple Samsung patents consisted of Apple claiming that Samsung infringed on Utility Patents (how a product works) and Design Patents (how a product looks). The Utility Patents included the enlarging of documents by tapping, bounce back, single touch and multi-touch gestures and the Design Patents included the ornamental design of the white iPhone and black iPhone, rounded square icons on the interface, and the industrial design of a tablet computer. 28 Samsung smartphones were listed to have infringed on one more patents. Some of the smartphones listed included the Galaxy SII, Transform, Nexus S 4G and the Droid Charge. As for tablets, the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi had patent violations.

Samsung had infringement claims on Standards-essentials patents and Feature patents that included how the phone manages resources, the packaging and transmission of data, multitasking while playing music, taking and emailing pictures using scroll action and the switching from pictures in the gallery to camera.

Samsung has become the world leader in the manufacturing of smartphones and has catapulted the Andriod operating system. Apple has filed motion for an injunction on Samsung and has been asked by the court to specify what the injunction should cover based on the verdict. Apple is trying to reclaim ground lost by Android. Android was considered to be a "stolen product" from Apple by the late Steve Jobs. Currently, Apple's stock price is up almost by 80% and has broken the record for being the most valuable company in the history of the United States. Previously Microsoft held that spot.

If the ruling holds, smartphone manufacturers will think twice before infringing on patents. This may make them more innovative when developing and designing new smartphones as opposed to simply copying off one another. Others believe the opposite and the prices will increase. Some Judges claim that many of the patents granted should not have been. Since smartphone and tablet technology quickly advances, the patents that are granted are of trivial nature and are overloading the system.

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