Audiovox Cell Phone Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Car Kits and more...

Hard time finding Audiovox accessories ? You have come to one of the largest specialized site for Audiovox cell phone accessories. Just pick your Audiovox cell phone model (if you are unsure, look under the battery) and select among the great variety of batteries, chargers, headsets, hadsfrees and much more we have available for Audiovox phones. Most Audiovox cell phones work with Sprint PCS and Verizon Wireless service. However over the years, they have made phones also for other carriers. What you see below is a comprehensive selection of all available Audiovox phones as well as very old Audiovox handsets.

Latest Audiovox Cell Phone Accessories

Audiovox Cell Phone Accessories

Verizon Wireless G'zone Type-V, Audiovox G'zOne Accessories
AT&T Quickfire Accessories
Audiovox CDM-180, Audiovox CDM-180 Accessories
Audiovox PPC4100, Audiovox PPC4100 Accessories
Audiovox PPC6600 & PPC6601 & XV6600 Accessories
Audiovox 6700, Audiovox PPC-6700 accessories
Verizon XV6700 Accessories
Verizon Wireless XV6800 Accessories
Audiovox 2032 Thera, Audiovox 2032 Accessories
Audiovox SMT5600 Accessories
Audiovox SPVC500 Accessories
Audiovox CDM4000 Accessories and Audiovox CDM4500 Accessories
Audiovox CDM105 Accessories
Sprint Audiovox CDM-120 Accessories
Audiovox CDM1450 Accessories
Audiovox CDM7025 Accessories
Audiovox CDM7026 Accessories
Verizon Wireless CDM7075 Accessories, Audiovox CDM7075
Audiovox CDM7126 Accessories
Audiovox UTStarcom 7126M Accessories
Audiovox 8000, Audiovox CDM8000 Accessories
Audiovox 8100, Audiovox CDM8100 Accessories
Audiovox 8300, Audiovox CDM8300 Accessories
Audiovox 8400, Accessories 8410 and Audiovox 8450 Accessories
Audiovox VI660, Audiovox VI660 Accessories
Audiovox 8500, Audiovox CDM8500 Accessories
Audiovox 8600, Audiovox CDM8600 Accessories
Audiovox CDM8625 Accessories
Audiovox CDM8630 Accessories, Alltel Coupe
Audiovox 8900, Audiovox CDM8900 Accessories
Verizon Audiovox CDM8905 Accessories
Audiovox 8910, Audiovox CDM-8910 Accessories
Audiovox 8912, Audiovox CDM8912 Accessories
Audiovox PM8920, Audiovox PM8920 Accessories
Audiovox CDM8930 Accessories
UTStarcom CDM8935 Accessories
Audiovox 8940, Audiovox CDM8940 Accessories
Verizon CDM 8945 Accessories
Verizon Wireless CDM8975 Accessories
Audiovox 9000, Audiovox CDM9000 Accessories
Audiovox 9100, Audiovox CDM9100 Accessories
Audiovox 9150X, Audiovox CDM9150X Accessories
Audiovox 9155, Audiovox CDM9155 Accessories
Audiovox 9155GPX, Audiovox CDM9155GPX Accessories
Audiovox CDM9200 Accessories
Audiovox 9500, Audiovox CDM9500 Accessories
Audiovox 9900, Audiovox CDM9900 Accessories
Audiovox CDM9950 Accessories and Toshiba VM4050 Accessories
Audiovox Z800, Audiovox Z800 Accessories
Audiovox CMP3, Audiovox CMP3 Accessories
Audiovox 130 Accessories and Audiovox 135 Accessories
Audiovox PCX3500LX, Audiovox PCX3500LX Accessories
Audiovox 3000, Audiovox CDM3000 Accessories
Audiovox 3300, Audiovox CDM3300 Accessories
Audiovox MVX400 MVX401 MVX405 MVX406 Accessories
Audiovox MVX 425 430 450 460 525 530 550 560 650 700 750 Accessories
Audiovox MVX440 MVX470 MVX480 Accessories
Audiovox MVX 501 502 505 506 507 Accessories
Audiovox PCX1100, Audiovox PCX1100 Accessories
Verizon Wireless UTStarcom SMT5800 Accessories

Besides OEM / Original Audiovox Accessories, 1800mobiles merchandise team has searched the globe for new vendors to assemble the best available aftermarket accessories lineup in the country. Why carry your phone in a just a carry case, where we can get your phone in a Made in Italy Nabuk leather case with extra strength belt clip? Why buy a car charger at full retail price when you can easily get it cheaper at and with a retractable cord? Generic accessories are a good way to save money as well as giving you more choice when purchasing a new cellular accessory for you Audiovox phone.

If you are looking for new a cell phone battery, 1800mobiles offers standard batteries as well as extended lith ion batteries for longer talk times and stand-by times. Even though most lith ion batteries do not suffer from the so called "memory effect", we recommend that for the first three charges of a new battery you completely discharge it before re-charge. The memory effect was common among NiMh batteries where it would "remember" the level of charge and diminish your overall battery life. After the first 3 charges are performed as suggested, the battery can be recharged even if half-full.

1800Mobiles joins our industry in reminding our customers that using your phone while driving is a distraction and if cannot be avoided to at least use a handsfree headset or kit. Please check your state laws about cell phone use while driving.


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