Boot to Gecko The First Open Mobile Platform

Boot to Gecko The First Open Mobile Platform

Mozilla Boot to Gecko Mobile Platform:

At the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) website, you can find a brief introduction to the newly created Boot to Gecko mobile operating system (still being developed) and you can also find resources for Boot to Gecko developers. Here you can learn how to write applications for Boot to Gecko (B2G) and set up a Boot to Gecko Build Environment and Emulator. B2G is a mobile platform that is being developed by Mozilla and it is an open source platform. Mozilla is building a mobile platform that is universally compatible through a web based application user interface called Gaia and will be Linux based. Mozilla’s B2G OS will be using HTML5 and accessing smartphone’s components through JavaScript Application Programming Interface. Mozilla’s mission is to make an open web operating system.

Regardless of platform, the JavaScript Application Programming Interface will handle calling, text messaging, Near Field Communication (NFC), USB connectivity, taking pictures, Bluetooth and other hardware components. B2G runs on the Android Kernel (Linux based), Gonk (allows the use of hardware), and by using a combination of WebGL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create web applications that will handle a user’s mobile needs. The Gecko Web browser engine, created by Mozilla, will run the JavaScript and display the HTML and CSS.

Mozilla will release the first Boot to Gecko phone through the Spanish telecommunications provider, Telefonica at the end of this year. What will this B2G specification look like? Currently, phone specs are non-existent and since B2G is in early development don’t expect anything near the high end. The most you can get out of Boot to Gecko may be a simple feature phone. Mozilla did provide a preview of Boot to Gecko and some apps by removing the Android OS from a Samsung Galaxy 2 smartphone and loading B2G in its place. B2G was then up and running at the 2012 Mobile World Congress.

Adobe, Qualcomm and Deutsche Telekom have signed up to assist Mozilla in developing Boot to Gecko. HTML5 mobile applications and the easily replaceable Gaia user interface will make it easy for manufacturers to create their own spin on the UI and for developers to make the same apps regardless of brand.

Mozilla plans to create affordable smartphones and thanks to Linux without layers of software, running the Boot to Gecko operating system is easily accomplished with inexpensive hardware. The Application Programming Interfaces created make it all possible. Telefonica Research and Development Labs is making a prototype of the first Open Web Phone. This Open Web Device may be the future of smartphones due to its reduction in production costs and ease of software maintainability. The Boot to Gecko developments will be something manufacturers, developers and consumers will have an eye on due to its promise of expense and usability.

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Date: 05/07/2012

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