Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer Studies

Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer Studies

Cell Phones and Risk of Cancer Studies - Update June 2011:

In late May of this year the World Health Organization released the very first study to ever indicate the possible link between the use of cell phones and the risk of cancer. All previous studies, including some from the WHO itself, seemed to point to inconclusive statements and conflicting theories. This WHO study points to radiation from cell phone to be in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as chloroform, lead, car exhaust.

A team of scientists conducted found some evidence of evidence, by reviewing previous reports, of increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer, not any other link to other forms of cancer. They claim that cell phone use can be compared to a very low-powered microwave oven, not X Rays.

The industry response didn't wait long and the CTIA, The Wireless Association stated that "does not mean cell phones cause cancer" and added that WHO scientists "did not conduct any new research, but rather reviewed published studies." Manufacturers have for year suggested the use of handfsree kits and headsets in anticipation of any future issue. 1800mobiles itself have been posting SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) levels of the most popular cell phones for years to inform consumers about those devices that meet the FDA health standards.

Among its recommendations, the WHO suggests to keep cell phones away from your head at least 1 inch away. The greater the distance, the lesser the risk. Also, they point at how radations increase when a cell phone is trying to connect to a cell tower. Therefore, if you;re moving, inside an elevator or in a poor reception area your phone is working harder at connecting, hence increasing the risk.

Most states have already implemented laws against driving without a handsfree solution. We have for years recommended the use of 3.5mm jack headsets, 2.5mm jack headsets2.5mm jack headsets and/or bluetooth headsets and car kits. We are committed at keeping you informed on any new development on this and similar studies.

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Comment: Good info to be aware of even though we dont really know yet how much exposure it takes to have a significant impact. Thank you for the updates. Incidentally I have noticed the difference in feeling in my head when holding a handset to my earhead for a long time compared to using my Bluetooth headset. Theres a noticeable discomfort to me with the handset.
Name: Anonymous
Location: StL MO
Date: 06/29/2011
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent public service announcement; frankly surprised you would run it. Good for you. I will be a customer when I need something. Tell your collegial firms too. Amazing. There is still hope.
Name: a teacher
Location: PDX OR
Date: 06/30/2011

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