Charge Your Cell Phone with Your Boots - Thermoelectric Charger

Charge Your Cell Phone with Your Boots - Thermoelectric Charger

UK - June 11th 2010 by 1800Mobiles Editorial Team

Lost in a forest and no access to a wall charger? No problem; now you can charge your precious cell phone by using the thermoelectric energy generated by your own feet.
This innovative eco prototype cell phone charger is unveiled today by Orange under the name Orange Power Wellies. Orange collaborated with GotWind, experts in renewable energy; the Wellies use a unique power generating sole that converts the heat derived from your feet into an electrical current. This prototype is likely put you in shape for the summer as it needs 12 hours of walking with your boots on to generate 1 hour of standby on your cell phone. One can accelerate the process by increasing the heat in your boots. The company suggests "dancing" with your that will burn some calories off.

After enough energy is accumulated, one simply needs to plug the cell phone into the power jack. Dave Pain, Managing Director at GotWind reports: “GotWind are excited to be working with Orange for a fourth year to create an invaluable charging prototype for festival goers. Wellies are now the staple festival footwear, the Orange Power Wellies not only keep you dry but they also provide a crucial eco electricity source.” Dave is referring to the Glastonbury Festival where these boots have been spotted almost everywhere.

The technology behind this invention is quite simple, yet ingenious. The Boots sole is where power is collected, through a process called "Seebeck" effect.

Thermoelectric modules inside the soles are built with pairs of p-type and n-type semiconductor materials forming a thermocouple. Two thin ceramic wafers cover these thermocouples. When your foot generates heat, the top side of the ceramic wafer receives it; when the cold of the ground hits the opposite side of the sole, electricity is produced.
This groundbreaking human powered cell phone charger is not available in the U.S. yet, but for more information visit

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