Democrats Prefer iPhones & Blackberry - Republicans Prefer Android Phones

Democrats Prefer iPhones & Blackberry - Republicans Prefer Android Phones

New York, NY - Aug 6th 2011 - Democrats Prefer iPhones & Blackberry - Republicans Prefer Android Phones.

A recent study made by JumpTab showed the States where particular devices over-indexed each other. For example it turned out that iPhone users tend to be the majority in NorthEast states whereas the Android platform is more dominant in the South and South West. Also Blackberry showed some resilience in particular stronghold States, like New York and Oregon.

Our 1800Mobiles editors thought to cross reference the 2008 Presidential election map with the JumpTab map to show if there was any trend between political preference and the phones we use. Take it with the grain of salt, but it turns out the there is an overwhelming advantage for Democrats when it comes to the number of States where iPhones are the leading devices. A slight majority of States that went to Obama also prefer Blackberry phones. Android leading States saw a Republican advantage.

Now we know what you're thinking, especially in light of the recent debt deal negotiations: "If Android smartphones are for the most part free with new activation, while iPhones are still hundreds of dollars, what does that tell you about Democrats and overspending?"

Notes: certain states had no clear predominant device and the 2011 electoral map may be quite different from the 2008.

Here are all the results:

Washington: Android - Democrats
Oregon: Blackberry - Democrats
California: Android - Democrats
Nevada: Neutral - Democrats
Idaho: Android - Republicans
Utah: Android - Republicans
Arizona: Android - Republicans
Montana: iPhone - Republicans
Wyoming: Android - Republicans
Colorado: Android - Democrats
New Mexico: Neutral - Democrats
North Dakota: Blackberry - Republicans
South Dakota: Blackberry - Republicans
Nebraska: Android - Republicans
Kansas: Android - Republicans
Oklahoma: Neutral - Republicans
Texas: Android - Republicans
Minnesota: iPhone - Democrats
Iowa: Android - Democrats
Missouri: iPhone - Republicans
Arkansas: Android - Republicans
Lousiana: iPhone - Republicans
Michigan: iPhone - Democrats
Wisconsin: iPhone - Democrats
Illinois: iPhone - Democrats
Kentucky: iPhone - Republicans
Tennessee: Neutral - Republicans
Mississipi: Android - Republicans
Alabama: Neutral - Republicans
Florida: Neutral - Democrats
Georgia: Android - Republicans
South Carolina: Blackberry - Republicans
North Carolina: Neutral - Democrats
Virginia: Blackberry - Democrats
West Virginia: iPhone - Republicans
Indiana: iPhone - Democrats
Ohio: Android - Democrats
Pennsylvania: Android - Democrats
DC: Blackberry - Democrats
Maryland: Blackberry - Democrats
Delaware: Android - Democrats
New Jersey: Android - Democrats
New York: Blackberry - Democrats
Connecticut: iPhone - Democrats
Massacchussets: iPhone - Democrats
Vermont: iPhone - Democrats
New Hampshire: iPhone - Democrats
Maine: iPhone - Democrats
Hawaii: iPhone - Democrats
Alaska: Neutral - Republicans

iPhone - Democrats: 11
iPhone - Republicans: 5

Android - Democrats: 8
Android - Republicans: 10

Blackberry - Democrats: 5
Blackberry - Republicans: 3

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