Review, compare and select the cellular phone family plan that fits your needs and enjoy the savings!

Family cell phone plans: Find below what each provider has to offer in terms of family cell phones and plans. Once you have pinpointed the carrier and family cell phone plan that best suits you, click onto our family cellular phone plans pages where you can often get as many as 4-5 family cellular phones for free ! Review, compare and select the cell phone family plan that fits your needs and enjoy the savings!

New! Family Plans have been offered with 2 of the same phone model as a default. Now you can mix the phones you need on your family plan by following three simple steps:

1) Select Carrier and desired plan.
2) Select Your Primary phone line (typically the person with more phone usage).
3) Select the second phone

Family Cell Phone Plans, Family Cell Phone Plan

Motorola DEFY T-Mobile Phones
Motorola Citrus Verizon Phones
BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black Sprint Phones

Motorola DEFY T-Mobile Phones are rugged and have what your family requires when it comes to social networking. Powered with Android Éclair 2.1 OS and enhanced MOTOBLUR.

Motorola Citrus Verizon Phones keep it green and compact. Streaming media, Social Networking and a unified phone book enable the entire family to stay connected.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Black Sprint Phones provide social networking and more for the family.

Motorola Clutch Nextel Phones

Motorola Cliq XT T-Mobile Phones

BlackBerry Storm2 Verizon Phones

All you need to manage a large workforce. QWERTY keyboard, VGA camera / camcorder, aGPS, web / email, Bluetooth and 1.79-in 64k color screen.

Get two T-Mobile Phones and save; both come with 3.1 inches 65k color touchscreen for your family with virtual QWERTY, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity for social networking and more.

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BlackBerry Storm2 Verizon Phones keep you on schedule and in touch with your fingertips and its 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Our price: $0.01
Samsung Seek Sprint Phones - Pink
BlackBerry Curve 8350i Black Nextel Phones
T-Mobile Family Plans and Phones with Tmobile Service

Stay social with Samsung Seek Sprint Phones and quickly respond with the slide-out full QWERTY keyboard.

2.0MP camera / camcorder, Wi-Fi, BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS), BlackBerry Enterprise Solution (BES), GPS Sprint Navigation, Push-to-Talk, Nextel Direct Connect, Media Player, Bluetooth stereo, microSD card support, QWERTY keyboard. Learn more.

Verizon Family Cell Phones
Sprint Family Plans & Phones
Nextel Family Cell Phones
AT&T Family Plans for AT&T Phones

Read more: Compare each family mobile phone plan by T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint PCS, Nextel Verizon Wireless and more ... Review our best selection of cell phones family plan with the carrier selected before buying. This is a guide of the complicated world of cell phone family plans which will save your family money while matching you with the wireless family plan that fits you best.

What is a family plan ? Well, for starters, it’s a cell phone plan that allows member of the same family (wireless account) to share the allotted minute allowances. Some carriers have introduced variations to this concepts so you have to really read the plan details carefully. TMobile for example offers a variety of add-ons to family plans. unlimited TMobile to Tmobile calling can be added for a fee and essentially can expand the ‘family’ into a broader range of numbers. The same can be obtained by expanding the roaming-free area so that if a relative resides or travel to different area codes, airtime will not be billed. Verizon Wireless has introduced similar plan features where calls between same exchanges (the subsection of your area code) can be free of charge. This is called the ‘local IN calling minutes’. Sprint’s forte in terms of family caling is the capacity to utilize it’s nationwide fiber-optic network to integrate members of a family with what’s called the Sprint PCS Fair & Flexible America for Families. But perhaps the most innovative ‘family cell phone plan’ at the moment is the Cingular FamilyTalk with Rollover Minutes. Here not only you can rollover unused minutes from month to month but also you can opt in to the ‘Unlimited Cingular mobile to mobile minutes’ plan and extend the family of cell phones further.

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