Federal Ban Likely on Driving and Cell Phones

Federal Ban Likely on Driving and Cell Phones

New York, Apr 28th 2012: Federal Ban Likely on Driving and Cell Phones.

If one reads the statistics about the use of cell phones while driving, it becomes natural to think "what took the government so long". And if one doubts the studies and stats about cell phone related deaths, one can just watch what happens to a person texting while walking to see how impaired that person is. Who can forget the famous youtube video of the lady falling in the fountain while walking and texting in the mall? She even warns in the video that she could have fallen into a ditch, rather than a mall's fountain.

A person on a cell phone call speaks louder, loses the perception of surroundings and the level of overall attention drops dramatically. Some studies have even proved that it is worse than being drunk. Much worse. The Car & Driver Magazine study is the most eye-opening one ever conducted on the effects of driving while using a cell phone. It specifically sought ti record the braking time and related additional feet provoked by using a cellular phone vs other situations. The results may shock you. If you are not legally drunk, nor using a cell phone it will take you about half a second to hit the brakes. If you are legally drunk (that is a blood alcohol concentration of .08), your car will travel 4 feet more than wen unimpaired. However if you are using a cell phone to read an email, by the time you hit the brakes your car will have traveled 36 feet more; and if you are texting the additional feet to break are 70!

let's get back at the news at hand. U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, after defining the 3,000 cell phone related driving deaths last year a national epidemic, it is calling for a national ban on cell phone use while driving. He actually went further and called car manufacturers' CEOs and hinted to think twice before putting internet enabled devices into their car in the future. Some may define this a "war on cell phone and driving". Others may define it an intrusion on American liberty. Gary Biller, president of the National Motorists Association said such a ban would be unnecessary as there are already distracted-driver laws in place to cover cell phone & driving behaviors. Fact of the matter is that 38 States already have similar bans in place.

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