Firefly, Firefly Cell Phone

Firefly, Firefly Cell Phone

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Firefly Phone with Cingular Phone
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Phone review: Firefly Phone with Cingular Plan: the first phone created for kids and their safety is now available with any Cingular Wireless plan. The Firefly cell phone features 5 keys only, two of which are dedicated to call mom and dad, making extremely easy for your child to call either parent if in need.

The central button displays a 20 entry phonebook which can be preprogrammed by parents. By using a parental PIN, this feature allows parents to control who their children are talking to and it will help controlling the monthly minutes allowance as well.

On the right end side of the phone there is an easy access 911 operator assistance button. The phone also has a caller ID display and probably the best feature of all, the phone automatically rejects any phone call not originating from the 20 pre-programmed numbers. The phone has the universal 2.5mm headset jack allowing a large selection among cell phone earbuds and headsets. The phone can use interchangeable faceplates which allow style customization, a must among kids. It comes with 12 pre-loaded ring tones, 7 screen colors and 5 animated graphics. Kids love it and parents feel more secure.

Firefly Technical Specifications:
  • Polyphonic Ringtones: 12 Pre-loaded Ringtones
  • Languages Supported: English, Spanish
  • Customizable Faceplates: Yes, Translucent Shell Is Swappable
  • Customizable Graphics: 5 Pre-loaded Animated Graphics
  • Color Main Display: 7 Backlit Screen Colors
  • Vibrate: Yes, Plus Flashing Lights
  • Phonebook Capacity: Mom, Dad and Emergency 911 Fast Dial Keys Plus 20 Pre-programmable Numbers
  • Battery Type: Li Ion
  • Talk Time: Up to 144 Minutes
  • Standby Time: Up to 216 Hours
  • Dimensions: 3.5 in x 1.8 in x 0.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.1 oz
  • Network Compatibility: GSM 850, 1900
  • Ringtone Types Supported: MIDI
  • Additional Included Items: Charger, User Manual
  • Device Supports Voice Plans: Yes

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    What are Cingular Roll Over Minutes? With Rollover Minutes from Cingular Wireless, you keep your unused package minutes. So when you don't use all the minutes in your monthly plan, they rollover to the next billing cycle, saving you money on overage charges. Rollover minutes are only available on Cingular NATION $39.99/month and above plans and expire after twelve months and/or immediately upon default, or if customer changes rate plans to a non-rollover plan.

    Review by Sarah C.:

    I think this phone is great for kids. i bought it for my 7 year old son....I know who my son is calling and who can call him. I love the parental control--It is the ultimate in knowing what your kid is doing. I love the lights & graphics. The Mom & Dad Keys are great too. I don't like the ringtones, I wished they were a little better. Perhaps menu could be more user friendly.

    Review by Y.P. : The phone looks simple,cute,small.perfect for a child i will purchase this phone for my son,and step-son..Thank you for having a simple and easy to use phone with not alot of features little ones don't need to have....
    Rating: 5
    Comment: I think the Just5 mobile phone is a better phone for kids than this one. Just5 is also simple but it offers promising emergency response features. Take this for example my son got help immediately when he happened to get lost in his way home late one day. It all just happened in a press of a button and a loud alarm. Learn more of this phone at
    Name: Patty
    Location: Las Vegas, NV
    Date: 11/06/2010

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