How to Make an App (1800Mobiles Editorial)

How to Make an App (1800Mobiles Editorial)

How to make an app:

Have you ever searched through the app catalog for an app that performs a specific task on your phone or tablet and not find the app that you need simply because it doesn't exist. Then the thought enters your mind - I should make this app! Now you can. In this article on how to make an app, you will be directed to some of the popular mobile developer sites so that you can be on your way to creating apps for your smartphone or tablet.

You can make free Android apps, free Blackberry apps, free apps for Windows Phone 7 or charge a nominal fee. Develop game apps, music apps, twitter apps or any app you feel fulfills a need not currently satisfied by the mobile app market. Who knows your ingenuity may make your app a must-have.

The app developer sites provide you with all you need to get started and most are free. You'll have access to a Software Development Kit (SDK / devkit) that has all the tools to create applications. You can target your devices and get updated information on the latest development tools available.

The Android Developers website guides you on installing the SDK, provides an intro to developing apps for Android, you can read tutorials, has reference material and videos, articles and sample code. At the Blackberry Developer Zone website and others you also get all you need to get started and see your app completed and distributed.

To get you started on your development path, I've compiled a short list of links on the current popular platforms. Enjoy!

How to make an app - Android Developers

How to make an app - Blackberry Developer Zone

How to make an app - Apple Developer

How to make an app - Windows Phone Development

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