HTC 79H00108-00M USB AC Power Adapter

HTC 79H00108-00M USB AC Power Adapter
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HTC 79H00108-00M USB AC Power Adapter:

The HTC 79H00108-00M Power Adapter does not include a USB cable. This factory original HTC 79H00108-00M / TCU 250 HTC USB AC Power Adapter lets you use your USB cable to charge your HTC smartphone / cell phone. With the HTC 79H00108-00M USB AC Power Adapter you stay fully powered.

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Compatible with: HTC 5800/ Fusion / S720 / 6985 Trophy / 8125 / MDA / Wizard / 8925 / AT&T Tilt/ TyTN II/ Kaiser / ADR6400 Thunderbolt / ADR6425 Rezound/Vigor/Thunderbolt 2/Droid Incredible HD / Amaze 4G (Ruby) for T-Mobile / Aria / Arrive/7 Pro (CDMA) / Dash 3G / Desire ADR6275 CDMA / Desire HD / Desire S for T-Mobile / Droid Eris / Droid Incredible 2 / Droid Incredible / Droid Incredible S / Evo 3D / EVO 4G / EVO Shift 4G / Faraday / Cingular 2125 / 2100 PDA / Pocket PC / Flyer Tablet / Freestyle / Fuze / Touch Pro GSM / G2 Vanguard / Google G1 T-Mobile / Google G2 / Google N1 Nexus One / HD2 / HD7/HD7S Series / Hero (CDMA) / Hero S/EVO Design 4G (CDMA) / Imagio / Inspire 4G / Merge / Mogul/ XV6800/ P4000/ PPC6850 Titan / myTouch 3G Slide / myTouch 3G, Fender / myTouch 4G / myTouch 4G Slide / Pure / Radar (Omega) / Rhyme ADR6330/Bliss PI46110 / Sensation 4G / Sensation XE / Shadow (2007) / Shadow 2 (2009) / Snap S511 / Star Trek/ Cingular 3125/ Smartflip/ Qtek 8500 PDA / Status (AT&T)/ChaCha / Surround / Tilt 2 / Titan X310E (Eternity) / Tornado / SDA (USA) / SP5m PDA / Touch (CDMA)/ XV6900 / P3450 / Touch Diamond (CDMA) / Touch Diamond2 / Touch Dual / Touch HD / Touch Pro (CDMA) / Touch Pro2 (CDMA) / Touch Pro2 (GSM) / TyTn/ Cingular 8525/ JasJam/ Hermes Pocket PC / Vivid PH39100 / Wildfire (CDMA) / Wildfire S / Wing / Herald/ P4350 / XV6175 Ozone

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