iPhone 4 Update: how about an apology?

iPhone 4 Update: how about an apology?

New York, July 23rd 2010 - By 1800Mobiles Editorial Team.

We waited to write this article until the dust settled over the iPhone 4 Antenna PR fiasco. Today AT&T Wireless reported 3.2 iPhone sold in Q2 2010; last week Steve Jobs promised Apple would send free iPhone 4 bumpers in place of the Consumer Report's "suggested" duck tape fix. That's the good news.

The bad news include a lack of an apology, a costly fix (even if Jobs excluded a much preferred recall) and especially the lack of class demonstrated when comparing the iPhone 4 issue with those of Nokia, HTC and other smartphone manufacturers. And we all thought the iPhone couldn't be compared to any other smartphone...

Blackberry called Apple’s attempt to draw RIM into Apple’s self-made debacle, unacceptable. Nokia response was that unlike Apple, "Nokia designs our phones to ensure acceptable performance in all real life cases." HTC pointed out that "only 0.016% of its Droid Eris buyers have called to complain about signal problems. Apple was saying with pride that 0.055% of its customers did the same about the iPhone 4."

We join these companies in reminding Mr. Jobs that we love Apple because it used to be a "good" company. And bad things happen also to good people; Apple could have just faced up its own issues, rather than shifting blame.

The aftermath of the iPhone 4 launch will not be a financial disaster on Apple's bottom line and stock price; however we do expect shorter lines in front of Apple Stores on the day of the next product launch.

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