Kyocera 7135 Accessories

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Kyocera 7135 Accessories

Itís a perfectly portable PDA and a powerful phone! The Kyocera 7135

Itís a phone which becomes a PDA with a single click of a button. Itís a phone that becomes a music player with yet another click of a button. And you realize that itís actually a phone when you flick the small device open. Yeah! It is a small phone, with the experience of everything. Itís the Kyocera 7135.

This compact phone, which fits into your palm like a perfect PDA, runs on Palm OS 4.1, with a lot of applications that supports MP3players, PhotoSuite software, internet browsing and also web clippings. A Motorola Dragonball processor running at 33 MHz powers the PDA in the phone with 16MB ram and additional MMC card for expansion.

The phone has two parts in its design. The first part is the Palm OS screen and the second part is the graffiti area. It has an LCD display with 65K colors and a high resolution screen of 160 x 160 pixels.

With the service provided by Verizon Wireless and Alltel, this phone supports Express Network, a high speed 1xRTT data network capable of speeds up to 144k. The phone supports HTML browser, Eudora 2.1.1, Open Waveís WAP, _JavaScript 1.3, Cookies, images and SSL 2. And applications like PhotoSuite, which supports for JPG, TIFF, BMP, and TNG and plays AVI and MOV video. _JavaScript 1.3, Cookies, images and SSL 2.

Useful features of this phone are:

A backlit display with 160 x 160 pixel TFT screen with 65K colors
An integrated PDA with CPU speed of 33 MHz, (Motorola DragonBall)
Has up to16 MB RAM with 1 SD slot supporting SDIO that accepts SD and MMC cards.
The PDA supports the Palm OS 4.1. This also includes the palm application that is integrated with Address Book, Date Book, To Do List, Memo Pad and Calculator
The other Software that are supported: Palm OS 4.1, PhotoSuite, Tetris, MP3 player, Eudora mail and QuickOffice 5
Strong built-in speakers with 20 in ring tones.
Li-ion battery with 3.5 hours talk, 160 hours standby
Supports CDMA 1xRTT for data with Dual band/tri mode (CDMA 800 MHz; AMPS 800 MHz, CDMA 1900 MHz (PCS)) network
Standard organizers including calculator, calendar, alarm clock etc
Supports HTML browser with WAP
Also supports _JavaScript for various games and applications
The new Kyocera package comes with CD, manual, phone, and cradle, plastic holster with belt clip, battery and charger.

When you are at work somewhere outside and youíre absolutely lost and helpless without your PC, and when you are looking for a convenient phone that is also a PDA, then it can and it MUST be the Kyocera 7135, a phone and a PDA. Definitely made for a man of Profession and Performance!

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