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LG Cell Phones: The brightest color screens, stylish flip phones and more. Browse through the best selection of LG Cell Phones below and find the LG phone that suits you. LG phones feature the latest in mobile technology. Get an LG cell phone with a wireless carrier and experience entertainment and mobile productivity. LG cell phones include multimedia smartphones, touchscreen navigation, and Bluetooth connectivity. With an LG cellular phone you're sure to stand out from the rest. Lately LG has been on the forefront of touchscreen technology; LG cell phones have been named by numerous sources the real challengers to the Apple iPhone. Some LG phones have TV; some multiple apps. Look through the currently available LG cellular phones and equip yourself with the latest LG mobile phone below:

LG Cell Phones

LG Octane Verizon Phone
Verizon LG Accolade
Verizon LG enV Touch in Black

LG Octane Verizon Phone is yet another text friendly marvel by LG for a younger social networking crowd.

The Verizon LG Accolade is a simple flip style with mobile web, email and chat access, 1.3 MP Camera and VZ Navigator.

LG enV Touch Verizon phone with 3" external touch screen, 3" internal screen and QWERTY keyboard, DOLBY mobile sound, VZ Navigator and 3.2 MP camera / camcorder.

AT&T LG eXpo
AT&T LG Neon - Blue
Verizon Phone LG enV3 in Slate Blue

The LG eXpo AT&T Phone has a 3.2-in 16 million color touchscreen for AT&T Navigator, AT&T Video, Internet Explorer Mobile and more.

The LG Neon AT&T Phone has a 2.4 262K color screen, slide out QWERTY, virtual numeric keypad and more.

LG enV3 Verizon Phone has a 2.6" internal screen, full QWERTY, IM, HTML, email, V CAST Video / Music and 3MP camera / camcorder.

Sprint LG Rumor 2 in Black Titanium
Sprint LG Rumor 2 in Vibrant Blue
LG Versa VX9600

The LG Rumor 2 Sprint Phone has a 2" 262k color screen, slide out QWERTY, GPS, MP3 player, Bluetooth stereo and 1.3 MP camera.

Respond with ease with the slide out QWERTY, enjoy your music wirelessly in stereo with the LG Rumor 2 Sprint Phone.

LG Versa Verizon Phone with 3" touchscreen and attachable QWERTY Keypad for HTML web, email and IM. V CAST Video and 2.0 MP camera / camcorder for entertainment.

LG Accolade Verizon Phones
LG enV3 Slate Blue Verizon Phones

Easy to use LG Accolade Verizon Phones with Mobile web, email, chat, VZ Navigator, Family Locator, 1.3MP camera, voice commands and Bluetooth.

LG enV3 Verizon Phones are made for texting with 2.6-in internal screen and full QWERTY keyboard.

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