Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review - Tips

Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview Review - Tips

Microsoft Windows 8 release date - ??/??/2012:

Now you can interact with Microsoft Windows in an entirely new way. With the Windows 8 operating system (Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview) you can touch your way through the new user interface. Windows 8 isn't just for the PC, it's also for laptops, tablets and more.

Anticipating for the Windows 8? You can check it out now with a free download from Microsoft. Get the free Windows 8 Consumer Preview download at the Microsoft website. Yes - you can use your keyboard and mouse with Windows 8 and then switch to touch screen if the need arises. If you’re into making applications find the resources for Developers. Everything you need from tools and the SDK to getting started guides and tutorials such as the Principles of Metro style design, the developer guide and plenty more of documentation to assist you in your development. From designing to developing to selling – you have the resources at the Microsoft Dev Center.

Windows 8 is built on the reliability found in Windows 7. Think of it as a Windows 7 upgrade. Microsoft Windows 8 brings you a new design. The new Start screen keeps you informed with the content that you want to see. With the real time tiles, you have everything you need from contacts, weather to media and websites. Integrating it all, Mail, Calendar, Photos from social networks, SkyDrive, People app (your contacts with unified info from your email, Instant Messaging Apps and social networks) makes it easy to update and stay informed.


You can type with suggestions with the Windows 8 OS' onscreen touch keyboard. For portable devices, you can use the thumb keyboard. Additionally, depending on the language setting selected the virtual keyboard layout displays your preferred way to communicate. Windows 8 accommodates your language settings to the whole PC.


There is a whole new way to interact with Windows 8. The following can be performed while navigating via touch screen and mouse.

Swipe - When you swipe from the right of the touch screen you open a section that holds system commands. When swiping from the left you get a list of last used applications. With the mouse simply point to the lower right corner.

When you swipe from the bottom or the top you open app commands, dock apps and exit applications. With the mouse you would right click.

Press and hold - lets you see more info on the item and it may open a menu. With the mouse you hover over the item to reveal more information.

Tap - this opens an application and acts on commands. For the mouse just left click.

Slide to drag - you can move items, draw, write and scroll. For the mouse click, hold and drag.

Pinch - this gesture lets you zoom in. With the mouse you hold down the control key on the keyboard and use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out.

Rotate - rotate with 2 or more fingers. To rotate with the mouse the application has to support it. SkyDrive


To have all of your settings with you wherever you go all you need to do is sign in. With a Microsoft account and Windows 8 devices you get a cloud connected experience and have all your work and personalization with you at all times.


Tab free full screen web browsing is one of the new features found in Internet Explorer 10 (tabs disappear and reappear when you need them). With Internet Explorer 10 you get a fast web experience. It supports HTML5, CSS3 and EcmaScript5 and protects your privacy with SmartScreen Filter.

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