Mobile Emulators for Android

Mobile Emulators for Android

Mobile Emulators for Android - Dec. 7, 2012:

Though mobile games don't match the level of game play that Playstation 3 or Nintendo Wii U provide, they keep you occupied when you find yourself idle. Adding to your mobile gaming options are video game console emulators. They are from video game systems of the past, such as Playstation, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, Sega Genesis, Sega Master System, Sega GameGear and even the Atari 2600. A mobile emulator is an application that acts like the original video game system but hosted on another system. You can find a mobile emulator for your Android device at the Google Play store.

By searching the Google Play store, I was able to find some free emulators. One free emulator, SuperGNES Lite lets you play Super Nintendo Games. The full version is available for $3.99. The prices aren't too high and you gain access to an entire library of previous generation games (Emulators do not include games). For example, The GameBoy Advanced emulator called VGBA - GBA Emulator by Garage Research runs for $4.99 (as of 12/7/12). There is also an Android Gameboy emulator by Garage Research, VGB - available for $4.99 (as of 12/7/12).

Other video game emulators found at the Google Play Store include ME.emu, emulates the Sega Genesis, N64.emu, emulates the Nintendo 64, and Neo.emu emulates the Neogeo. There are many different vendors with emulators for the same consoles. Do your homework prior to purchasing.

Be aware that emulators do not contain video game titles. The video games that run on emulators are called ROMS (Read Only Memory) and are in the software format rather than CD or cartridges. You can store ROMS on microSD cards and load them into the emulator for playing. Controlling game play consists of either physical QWERTY keyboard, touch screen virtual game keys or accelerometer.

There are many available Android games for free that don't need an emulator available at the Google Play store. To find free downloadable ROMS you need to search for websites that cater to Emulators. Search the web to find free ROMS that are available for download. There are ROM archives for many of the previous generation consoles available for free, some you may have to pay. Search the web and you'll come across loads of sites.

Whether you've never played these great classics from generations past or simply would like to relive your memories, video game console emulators are the way to go. You can also find video games emulators for the MAC and PC.

After you have relived the past and would like to play present day console and PC games on your Android device you can check out OnLive for Android. For the best OnLive for Android gaming experience it is recommended that you are connected to either a 4G or Wi-Fi high speed connection. OnLive for Android lets you rent and purchase games and subscribe to Playback for unlimited play. OnLive is a cloud based video game service.

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