Mobile Web Traffic

Mobile Web Traffic

Will Mobile Web Traffic be the main source of traffic in the future?
May 12, 2012

Back in August 2011, it was reported that approximately 7 percent of web traffic derived from non-computers. Within that 7 percent, 2 percent was tablet driven and 4.5 percent from mobile phones. A web traffic site can generate reports with the information collected from websites that use their tools. The type of device that has visited websites can be identified. The data they collect from listed websites provides them with the information they need to adjust web pages and improve traffic. Has web traffic from mobile devices increased when compared to last year? You bet it has. It has been revealed that global mobile web site traffic has increased to 10 percent and may even be higher now with the flood of internet always connected devices. This being smartphones and tablets. Web site traffic tools and web analytics collect data and generate reports to help identify website opportunities and weaknesses for improving a website’s overall performance. From the data collected marketing on mobile can be beneficial due to global mobile web traffic growth.

So far this year, the Apple iPad has accounted for the majority of mobile tablet web traffic, about 95 percent. In far second place was the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Most of the Global Mobile web traffic is from smartphones. Keeping up with the news and social networking are the two top types of mobile web traffic that is derived from smartphone and tablet users. Alexa reports that the top two sites are Google in the first slot and Facebook second, with YouTube in third place and Yahoo! at the fourth spot.

Clearly Google search has been integrated in almost every smartphone, so has Facebook and YouTube. So one can easily see that mobile digital media consumption is mostly news and social networking. Though tablets haven't surpassed smartphones, the day may come when the features found in smartphones and tablets become unified. The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the first attempts at blending smartphone and tablet.

Several factors like Wireless carriers providing more coverage, improved mobile browsers, faster data speed for mobile connectivity and advancements in mobile technology are making it easier for people to stay connected. You can be seconds away from having access to your online routine no matter where you are. More and more cell phone users are converting to smartphone users and tablet users. Claims that 13 percent of all web traffic is due to mobile devices has been reported and the mobile web traffic growth rate is still climbing. Other countries have easier access to smartphones than computers and the rate of mobile use in some countries has tripled. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are approximately toe to toe, with Apple slightly in the lead, while the other mobile operating systems are almost nonexistent when it comes to mobile web traffic.

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