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Motorola MPX220, Motorola MPX220 Accessories

Your Desktop in your pocket Motorola MPX220 – advanced features for the upwardly mobile

It’s the latest addition to the Motorola flip phone category. It is also the latest to the Cingular smart phone bandwagon. Positioned as ‘ the mobile variant of the desktop’, it is powered by the Windows Mobile 2003 edition.

The look and feel The Motorola MPX220’s hi- tech style and sleek design is bound to attract the attention of everyone. Encased in a metal body, it measures 100 x 48 x 24 mm in size and weighs just 115 grams.

The external display is measures 98 x 64 px and shows up to 4096 colors. It shows the caller id without opening the phone. You can also answer the phone, as the speaker is located below the screen.

The internal display of the phone is 176 x 220 px and displays over 65K colors and is more vibrant than its counterpart. The slightly oversized keypad is easy to use and so are the navigation buttons.
Camera Equipped with a 1.2 mega-pixel camera it enables you to capture images at up to 1280 x 960 pixels in resolution, which is good enough to be reproduced as prints. While you click your pictures the internal screen becomes the viewfinder that displays useful information such as resolution, storage path, and available memory.

Messaging The Motorola MPx220 supports SMS, MMS, and EMS and comes with the predictive text entry system iTap. You can also log on to MSN and chat with friends from anywhere in the world. It also comes with the ‘My Text’ function, which will enable you to add phrases and words to be added that you use independently.

Other highlighting features of the Motorola MPX220

• Entertainment and Internet – The Motorola MPx220 is powered by Windows Mobile 2003 SE. You can access your PIM (Personal Information Management) and email functionality through Outlook, surf the web through Pocket Internet Explorer, listen to music and play video with Windows Media Player 9, and connect with friends and family with MSN Messenger. Two preinstalled games come on the MPx220: Jawbreaker, and Solitaire.

• Storage – It contains 64 MB of flash memory, approximately 32 MB of free space is available on its internal memory. The MPx220 also supports miniSD cards expandable up to 512 MB through a built-in card slot located on the side.

• Connectivity and Bluetooth – the Motorola MPx220 features both IrDA and Bluetooth, which allows you to connect with wireless devices, though in this phone the bluetooth is restricted to only 10 meters.

• GSM quad-band technology for communication around the globe

• Integrated MP3 audio player via Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 and 40-chord polyphonic sound engine

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