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Get the latest Motorola Razr Tips and instructions on how to use your Motorola RAZR Phone from our 1800mobiles.com editors.

This section is dedicated to all those features and secrets we can share with our 1800Mobiles readers to better use your Motorola RAZR.

Let's start with some basic information about the RAZR. This phone is currently offered by T-Mobile and Cingular under model # Motorola RAZR V3; whereas Verizon Wireless and Alltel RAZRs go under model # RAZR V3c. To be noted that the difference is not just in technology (the V3 is GSM while V3c is CDMA), but also in size which is a useful information when purchasing Razr Faceplates or RAZR Cases.

"How to" Guide to the Motorola RAZR:

How to use the Motorola RAZR Video Capture? Razr users can record video clips and send them to other cell phone users by using a multimedia message. This is how:
1. Activate you cellphone video camera, by selecting in the menu: Multimedia > Videos > New Video > .
2. Then press on the "capture" button (right end corner) to start recording. Press on the "stop" button (right end corner) to end the video.
3. You will be given the option to store it or discard. If you decide to store it, the RAZR will prompt you to either "send in message" or "store only". If you store it, you will find your video under Multimedia > Videos > Video Clip. If you decide to send it, the phone will ask you to select the cell phone number of the person you have stored in your contact menu and press the "send" button.

How to use the Motorola RAZR Camera? Taking and sending a picture follows the same steps indicated in the video clip paragraph above.
1. You just need to start from Menu > Camera.
2. Then you'll be prompted to Capture, Store or Discard. If you chose to store it, the phone will ask you to either Send in Message, Store Only, Apply as Screensaver, Apply as WallPaper, or apply to Phone Book Entry.
3. Use the select button after you selected your option with the round scroll bar at the center of your Motorola RAZR.

How to set up the Motorola RAZR Bluetooth Wireless Connection?
1. Create a link between your Motorola RAZR Phone and any Bluetooth Accessory 1.0 and up, you need to turn the Bluetooth connection "on". This is how: Go into your phone "settings". > Then select "Connection" > "Bluetooth Link" > "Set Up" > "Power" > "On". The connection will stay on until you turn it off. We recommend to turn it off when not in use to preserve battery life. 2. To connect your RAZR to another Bluetooth hands free kit or headset, go into "Settings" > "Connection" > "Bluetooth Link" > "Handsfree" > (Look for Device). You phone will scan for available devices located within the range of the RAZR, approx 30 feet away. If your cell phone is already connected to a Blue Tooth headset, you must disconnect from it to find other devices. Once you have identified your bluetooth device, highlight its name and click on the "select" button.
3. The Bluetooth device will ask permission to connect. Select "yes" and press the "select" button; after that you will be prompted to insert a PIN code to initiate a secure connection. The PIN code is sually provided by the Bluetooth device manufacturer, not the RAZR. Once the connection is made, you should see the bluetooth logo displayed on the internal screen, while the external screen Bluetooth indicator will flash.

How to send a pictures, sound or video clips to another Bluetooth Phone from your RAZR?
1. Highlight the object you wish to send to a nearby bluetooth device.
2. Then press the "Copy" button.
3. Select from the list of nearby bluetooth devices in the "Object Exchange" menu, or "look for devices" if none is listed.

How to send a phonebook entry, datebook entry or bookmark to another Bluetooth Phone from your RAZR?
1. Highlight the entry you wish to send to another Bluetooth device.
2. Then press "Send" button.
3. Select from the list of nearby bluetooth devices in the "Object Exchange" menu, or "look for devices" if none is listed.

Factoid! In France is prohibited to use a Bluetooth wireless connection outdoors. Since it may interfere with radio signals, you could not use the Bluetooth feature while traveling in France unless you are indoors.

How to set up Text Entry Mode?
1. From any text entry screen (ie. when you are writing a text message), press the top center button, the one above the directional wheel.
2. Press on "Entry SetUp"
3. Select the "Primary Set Up" or "Secondary Setup" by choosing your preferred input mode among the ones below. Us the wheel by pressing on the right arrow to change mode:

  • ITAP: it's a built-in software which predicts the word you are typing.
  • TAP: enter individual letters and numbers by pressing the keys multiple times. Ie. for the letter "F" press the number 3 button three times.
  • Tap Extended: enter individual letters, numbers and symbols by pressing the keys multiple times

    To change from one mode to the next you can select it by pressing the top center button from a text entry screen, and Press on "Entry Mode". Shortcut: you can press the "# key" on your phone when you are writing a message and you will see "abc1" for your primary mode, "123" for numeric; "@" for symbols; and "abc2" for your secondary mode.

    How to change call alerts and styles?
    1.From the general menu, select "Settings" > "Ring Styles" > "Style Detail" 2. If you select one of the styles, ie. "Loud" you can then highlight by scrolling down on the wheel and select "loud detail" and press on the "change" button (top right corner key). 3. Here you will be prompted to change any feature available to the "loud" style: volume, ringtone, alerts, voice mail, text messaging sounds, reminders beeps etc etc. All you need to do is to select the feature you need to change with the directional wheel and press the "change" button for each.

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