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Nokia 6010 Accessories

The nice ol simple cell

Nokia 6010 V basic, solid and a reliable GSM phone The Are you one of those planning to get your first mobile phone? Or are you one of those who want to avoid the high mega pixel camera phone or keyboard laden smart phones? If your answer is yes, then Nokia 6010 is a modern phone tailor made especially for you.

Keeping in mind the growing trend for pre-paid services in the United States, this is smart entry level phone that is both V user friendly as well as pocket friendly.
The look and feel
It measures up at 119mm x 50mm x 22mm (4.7" x 2.0" x .9") in size and weighs 110 gms. Nokia 6010 comes with a 96x65 pixel resolution and a 4096 color passive matrix display with a 2-way scroll button and a nicely spaced numeric keypad that gives all the Nokia phones their charecteristic good feel.

The heart and soul of Nokia 6010
Menu The Nokia 6010 uses the simple page oriented menu system that is another typical charecteristic of all the Nokia phones. For those who have used Nokia phones you are aware of its advantages, and for those who are going to use them for the first time, youd experience the beauty of simplicity.

Timed profiles

The Nokia 6010 comes with a number of pre-configured profiles. You also get two extra profiles with this model. As usual, all the profiles can be customised. But thats not all. The profile in the new Nokia 6010 allows you a unique advantage where you can restrict inbound calls to one or more group of contacts that you have defined. Which means that you can configure your phone to allow calls of only those groups whom you wish to take during a meeting or when you are on a vacation.

Messaging facilities
Just like any other phones in its category, the Nokia 6010 suppots SMS, EMS and MMS. It comes with user-defined templates for quick messages and replies. The T9 predictive text input system in the Nokia 6010 makes keying in and sending messages very fast. If you are one of those creative ones, you can send messages with sound and pictures using with the MMS facility.

Reception quality and battery life
The Nokia 6010 works on both the 850Mhz and 1900Mhz GSM signals. It comes with the 825mAh standard battery which promises about 8 hours of talk time.
Other features of Nokia 6010

X Calendar application that can store up to 500 appointments X 30 entry To-do list X An alarm clock, stopwatch, calculator, and voice command system X Voice tags for voice dialing, and profiles for profile switching as well X Four free games - Air Glide, Sky Diver, Backgammon, and Bowling with a facility to download more from the internet

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