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Price & Piece at its best - The Nokia 6020

Mega pixel camera-phones, music on-the-go, PDA’s and BlackBerry’s; we’ve heard it all. But ultimately, if you know that you’re not going to touch those features, you’re going to save yourself some green backs with the Nokia 6020.

Revamping its middle segment in the 6000 series, Nokia has hit the bright bit with the 6020. Its clean yet classic design with a largely silver frontage and a white suave finish makes it look very appealing. The Nokia 6020 is produced in two colors – they are Graphite Grey, Silver Grey. Both colors are equally chic and the piece looks pretty stylish.

The keypad is made of plastic and very comfortable to use. Adequately spaced and well-lit, each button is slightly contoured and produces an extremely satisfying tactile response when pressed – a soft click. The joystick is big and comfortable to work with. Moving the joystick in different directions calls this or that function quickly and that make the work with the phone easier. The 128 x 128-pixel, 65K-color LCD screen is standard Nokia fare with typical 40th platform. The backlighting is blue and the characters are seen almost in all conditions. You can use Nokia’s preloaded themes for a customized look or go ahead and set your own wallpapers.

The 6020 is as fast as any other Nokia phone model with very smooth messaging and Nokia fans will feel at home with the menu interface. Along with concatenated SMS and T9, email support is also available in this model. Other than the standard applications such as a calculator, timer and calendar, the 6020's voice dial feature records and recognizes up to 10 voice tags accurately. Along with xHTML Web browsing over GPRS, the 6020 comes with EDGE and push-to-talk capabilities. The Integrated VGA camera (640x480 pixels) has reasonable settings, there is a night shooting mode, three types of quality and compression levels.

The phone meets the international requirements concerning exposure to radio waves with the highest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) value of 0.52W/kg.

More Features:

- Integrated VGA camera (640x480 pixels) with 50 second video recording.
- Animated screensavers, wallpapers & Photo Call.
- Instant Messaging & organizer.
- Standard functions such as calculator, countdown timer, and stopwatch.
- EDGE & SyncML.
- Java MIDP 2.0.
- xHTML.
- Voice command & presence enhanced contacts.
- Pop-port interface.
- Li-Ion Battery with a standby of 330 hours and talk time of 3 hours.

The Nokia 6020 is a reasonably priced handset with a lovely design and excellent battery life. It is very light, looks sleek and has a lot of features. Yet, it manages to be extremely easy to use. Those looking for a midrange model that is good at what it does and is easy on the pocket will surely not be disappointed.

Within the lower end of the mobile phone choices, little charms like Nokia's 6020 are a real good buy – looks great, weighs light, user-friendly AND it comes at an affordable price! How’s that?!?

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