Nokia 6630 1.3 Mega pixel Camera Phone Network Unlocked

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Nokia 6630 1.3 Mega pixel Camera Phone Network Unlocked
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With the Nokia 6630 smart phone mobile imaging has never been so easy and fast. The phone comes complete with a 1.3 megapixel digital camera, effective resolution 1.23 megapixels for high quality image capture (1280 x 960 pixel resolution) and 6x smooth digital zoom.
You can record all images onto the Nokia 6630 phone ‘s 10 MB internal dynamic memory with hot swap and 64 MB MultiMediaCard (MMC) and then print photos directly at home, at the office, at supermarket kiosks, or through online printing services.

Tri-band operation means that you can use the handset in over 100 countries and with a video recording time of 1 hour per clip you can capture every adventure in the palm of your hand. The Nokia 6630 mobile phone supports a full range of messaging services including SMS, MMS, SMTP and POP3 email for sending and receiving data on the move.

More than just a smart camera phone the Nokia 6630 mobile offers a full range of entertainment features for the mobile enthusiast including an MP3 player, downloadable Java™ applications, themes, ringtones and graphics along with Internet access and Bluetooth™ wireless connectivity.

  • 3G speed with Series 60: WCDMA+EDGE broadband access
  • Weight: 127 g
  • Dimensions: 110 mm x 60 mm x 21 mm

    Display and User Interface:
  • Bright active matrix TFT color display
  • Automatic backlight adjustment
  • 65,536 colors
  • 176 x 208 pixel resolution
  • Series 60 platform
  • Graphical user interface with selectable themes
  • 5-way navigation key
  • 7 personalizable shortcuts to applications in idle mode

  • 1.3 megapixel camera sensor, effective resolution 1.23 megapixels for image capture (image size 1280 x 960 pixels)
  • Smooth 6x digital zoom
  • Picture modes: Standard and sequence mode (6 images in 2 seconds)
  • Display with automatic brightness adjustment
  • Self-timer

    Displayed formats:

    Video Recorder:
  • Resolution: 174 x 144 pixels or 128 x 96 pixels (QCIF or Sub QCIF)
  • Time: Up to 1 hour per clip
  • Smooth 6x digital zoom
  • 3GPP video streaming
  • Recordd formats (encoding): .3gp file format, H.263 video and AMR radio Real Player :
  • Download and play multimedia files (video + music)
  • Stream media files through any supported media portals
  • Full-screen video playback on the phone to view downloaded, streamed, or recorded video clips in bigger size
  • Played formats (decoding): .3gp and .mp4 file formats, MPEG-4 video, H.263 video and AMR audio, RealMedia (Real Video and Real Audio), MP3 and AAC

    Memory Functions:
  • 10 MB internal dynamic memory for contacts, text messages, multimedia messages, ringing tones, images, video clips, calendar notes, to-do list, and applications
  • 64 MB hot swap Reduced Size MultiMediaCard (MMC) Messaging
  • Multimedia messaging: Combine image, video, text and voice clip and send as MMS to a
  • Compatible phone or PC; use MMS to tell your story with a multi-slide presentation
  • Automatic resizing of your megapixel image to fit MMS. (max.300 KB attachment size depending on the network)
  • Email: Access email accounts whether work or personal; supports SMTP, POP3, and IMAP4 protocols

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    Important information: Many features and mobile wireless services are network dependent and require network support. Some networks have limitations that affect how you can use phone features. For instance, not all networks support certain language-dependent characters and services. A service provider also may have requested that certain features be disabled in a phone. If so, they will not appear in the phone's menu. Contact your service provider for more information and to determine if a service plan includes the features and services that you want to use.

    Please be aware that the battery talk and standby times are estimated times only. Battery usage varies with network configuration, signal strength, features used, battery age and condition, charging practices, temperatures to which battery is exposed, type of digital mode (tdma, cdma, GSM or Analog), and certain other factors. Basically, battery time is used both when the phone is being used in standby mode, as well as, when the phone is used in talk time mode. Both modes reduce the overall time of possible battery usage. In order to maximize your battery's talk time and stand by time, make sure that you first charge it fully for 24 hours (it would be more efficient if you do not use the battery during this charge). Complete this process for the next few charging cycles making sure that the battery is drained fully before each charge. Now you are ready to enjoy a long term efficient battery life!

    ATTENTION CINGULAR WIRELESS CUSTOMERS: Please note that in certain areas Cingular Wireless uses 850 MHz and the tri-brand phones 900/1800/1900 MHz will not work. If Cingular Wireless is your service provider, be advised that your service quality may be compromised with a tri-band phone. We can provide you with other choices for 850 MHz quad-band phones. Please contact our customer service department for further information. If you are purchasing a Quad-band gsm phone (850/900/1800/1900) please disregard this note.

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