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Handy to carry, easy to click
LG vx 6100 V a sleek, advanced camera phone The VX6100 is an improved version of VX 6000 with new upgraded technology and new features. Except that it measures the same size V 90 x 48 x 24 mm and looks slim and sleek like a hotshot model. Some of the upgrades on LG vx6100 includes tri-mode coverage, a sliding lens cover, embedded flash, and an external LCD with self-portrait capability.

Add life to your messaging
The LG VX6100 comes with all the standard text messaging functions. SMS (Short Messaging Service) with the facility of splitting the messages if the character limit exceeds Up to 160 characters; EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service), which allows you to attach pictures and sounds; and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) that provides multimedia capabilities with real pictures, sound, and time-based sequencing. So send animated cards with sounds for those special occasions for those special people enhancing the act of wishing.

Camera and design features
The sleek beauty when closed features a front panel with a grayscale external display for quick access to caller ID, time, network status, battery charge, and other useful information.

Just above this is located the camera. To click all you have to do is slide down the lens cover, activate the camera, aim and then shoot. The LG vx6100 has a built-in 330K pixel CMOS camera with flash and is equipped to capture photos of all sizes - small, medium or large with 24-bit color depth at 16 million colors.
You can save up to 60 photos in the gallery, and on average, approximate image file sizes are 50 KB for VGA, 16K for QVGA, and 3 KB for QQVGA.
When you open the phone the internal 128 x 160 px 262K TFT screen becomes visible, capable of displaying up to 7 lines of text. The numeric keypad is blue and backlit and has 5-way directional keys.

Sound quality and clarity
One of the best improvements over the LG vx6000 is a full-duplex speakerphone for handsfree access. The speaker and speakerphone are loud enough and gives good sound quality. Plus, its ring tones are CMX 3.0 MIDI format with support for up to 32 simultaneous chords.

Other Features X Tri-band AMPS 800 / CDMA 800 / 1900 as it is built on Qualcomm's MSM6050 chipset X 1000 mAh Li-Ion battery providing you 3 hours of talk time under optimal conditions X Alarm and World Clocks, Calendar with Scheduler, Voice Memo (Up to 4 minutes), and Notepad X An upgraded voice-activated dialing

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