List of Discontinued Phones

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List of Discontinued Phones

Verizon Motorola Q 9m
Motorola Nextel i305 Phone Upgrade
Siemens CF110 Tri-Band Unlocked Phone

Windows Mobile 6, Bluetooth stereo streaming, miniSD memory slot, 1.3 MP camera / camcorder, super slim smartphone - 0.47"!

T-Mobile Samsung T329 Stripe with Plan: Black
Samsung SGH-X640 Tri-band Camera Phone Network Unlocked
Treo 650 International Cell Phone Quad-Band PDA with Built in Camera (Network Unlocked)

Bluetooth wireless connectivity, Instant Messaging and a VGA quality digital camera, make the Samsung Stripe a simple all round mobile solution.

Cingular Razr V3xx Gold
LG Chocolate Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Plan
LG Chocolate White Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Plan

First Motorola Razr for Cingular with Multimedia Streaming Support!

First phone to allow download of music from VCast as well as from your own PC! 1.3 megapixel camera and slider design completes the hat-trick.

All the great features of the original LG VX8500 cell phone now available in white Chocolate.

Motorola RAZR V3m  Charcoal Cell Phone with Verizon Plan
Verizon Novatel 720 USB Wireless Broadband Modem
BlackBerry 8700c EDGE Bluetooth Cingular Phone with Cingular Plan

The wait is Over! Now Motorola RAZR V3m is also available with Verizon Wireless Service. Black coat for a sleek design: packed with multimedia features all in less than 0.5 inches!

USB Wireless Broadband modem compatible with Windows Vista and Mac OS X 10.3.9 provides high speed wireless data access while on the go.

First Blackberry with EDGE Technology: DSL like data transfers! Intel® PXA901 processor at 312 MHz! Bluetooth Phone.

Nokia 6102 Cell Phone with Cingular Phone Plan
Blackberry Curve with AT&T Wireless Service
Motorola RAZR with Cingular Plan

Nokia 6102 Nokia 6102 is a flip phone with unprescendented design, feature VGA quality camera, FM Stereo and push-to-talk enabled

2.0 Mpx Camera / Camcorder, microSD support and MS documents viewer are just a few features. Find out more...

The Cellular Fashion Statement of this year available in Silver and Black; Super Thin Quad Band MPEG4 Video Camera Phone.

T-Mobile Motorola Razr V3t Black Cell Phone with Plan
Sony Ericsson z525a Cingular Phone with Wireless Service Plan
Samsung Blackjack Cingular Phone

With microSD / Transflash expandable memory support, a music player that lets you listen to your favorite MP3s and an upgraded camera make the T-Mobile Motorola Razr V3t one of the thinnest mobile solutions for the multimedia fanatic.

Replaces the best selling Z520a phone adding Cingular Push-to-talk support. Still Bluetooth; Still VGA Camera and amazing Instant messaging features in only 3.3 oz!

The ideal phone for the multi-task phone user. simultaneous voice and data usage. Window Mobile 5.0, Music player and 1.3MP camera and Push Email in 0.5 inches.

LG TG300  Quad Band Unlocked Cell Phone
AT&T Sierra Wireless AC875U PC / MAC USB Wireless Broadband Card
Pantech C300 Cingular Phone with Cingular Service Plan

Wireless connectivity for your pc or mac with 3g speeds.

World's Smallest Flip Camera Phone: Only 2.7' High and 0.8" Thick. Holds 800 contacts and Built-In VGA Camera features 4X Zoom and LED Flash.

Nokia 6101 Camera Flip Phone (Network Unlocked)
Samsung A870 Verizon Cell Phone
Nokia E62 Cingular Phone

Great beginner phone. Loaded with the same features present in more advanced phones: Bluetooth, VGA camera GPS enabled. Lots of value for little money.

Not your typical Nokia phone. This Nokia PDA phone has the best browser seen so far: see entire web pages; it's bluetooth; emails with attachment editing; built in music player.

Verizon Motorola V325 Phones
Audiovox 8910 Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Service
Samsung E760 Tri Band Cell Phone (Unlocked)

The Verizon Motorola V325 phone supports Bluetooth, GPS, text and multimedia messaging all in a compact design.

Built-in 310K pixel Camera with Flash; 2 Way Speakerphone

Tri-Band Samsung X660 Unlocked Phone
Samsung E898 Tri Band Cell Phone
Siemens SL65 Tri-Band Unlocked Phone
Nokia 7260 Tri-Band Cell Phone (Network Unlocked) with Built-in Camera (Black)
Samsung P310 Tri Band Cell Phone
Motorola V325 Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Plan

This phones digital camera takes photos that are so good you can print ! Has a large color display, a speaker-phone and a multimedia center where you can organize all ringtones, wallpapers and games that you download !

Samsung A930 Verizon Wireless Cell Phone with Service Plan
Sprint PCS Motorola KRZR K1m with Sprint Service Plan
Samsung M500 Red Sprint Cell Phone with Plan

Samsung A930 the stylish black cell phone for Verizon Wireless packed with the latest technology: Bluetooth Cell phone with Built-In 1.3 megapixel Camera and Music Player with external music controls

Sprint PCS has its own KRZR phone! Let the music begin. And that's not all: try the K1m KRAZR for its Video and Quality and MP3 player with outside music controls or its 1.3 mexapixel camera.

1.3 mpx camera /camcorder, bluetooth with sprint streaming plan support and mp3 have made the samsung m500 red phone the mobile entertainment device for the multimedia enthusiast.

Sprint Samsung M500 Phones (Red)
Nokia 6103 Cell Phone
Cingular Motorola SLVR L7

Support for multimedia streaming of Sprint TV and Music, this phone was made to entertain. Other features 1.3 mpx digital camera, Bluetooth and WAP browser.

Bluetooth; FM Radio; Text and Picture messaging; Voice Activated T-Mobile Phone

Get two Cingular Motorola Slvr L7 cell phones and enter the hi-tech mobile world.

Sprint PCS Palm Treo 700wx
Cingular Motorola Pink SLVR iTunes Phone with Service Plan
Motorola SLVR Phone

Finally, a Treo for Sprint with Microsoft Windows Mobile is here. Synchronize email and calendar over wireless connectivity. Edit your Word, Powerpoint and Excel files. Browse the internet at broadband speeds and use any Bluetooth device with the Treo 700wx.

The very popular SLVR Cingular phone, now available in a bright pink shell. Same technology of the black SLVR; different styiling.

True iTune phone: sync and play iTunes from your Motorola SLVR; Quad-Band Bluetooth Phone less than 1/2 inch thick! Also available in Pink.

Sony Ericsson W810i
LG CU500 Cingular Phone
Motorola V557 Cell Phone with Cingular Plan

2.0 Megapixel Camera; Bluetooth; Sony Ericsson Walkman Music phone for Cingular Wireless

3G Cell Phones are now a reality for Cingular Wireless as well. With super fast download speeds the LG CU500 allows for streaming video, radio and faster browsing.

Walkie Talkie Push To Talk Technology; Bluetooth; SCREEN3 technology; VGA Camera Phone

Motorola L2 Cell Phone (Push-to-Talk Cingular Phone)
Motorola L6 Cingular Phone with Plan
LG Migo VX1000 Migo Kid-Friendly Verizon Wireless Cell Phone

Ultra thin and lightweight "blade" design; Built-in speakerphone; Bluetooth Cingular Phone; Built-In Instant Messaging; Rich 65,000 Color Display; Supports Cingular Push-to-talk Add-on Feature

Slim Design; Soft Touch Pad; Bluetooth Connectivity; Camera and Video Clip Phone; Instant Massaging; Large memory for pictures videos; long battery time.

Perfect for Kids! 4 Speed Dial Keys for quick emergengy calling; Vibrate and Speakerphone; GPS enabled.

Sanyo M1 Sprint PCS Phone with Plan
Samsung Trace T519 T-Mobile Cell Phone
Siemens s66 Tri-Band Unlocked Phone

Many great features, WAP 2.0 browser, camera / camcorder, huge 1 GB internal memory, Bluetooth wireless connectivity and MP3 player with streaming support make this cell phone an all in one multimedia package.

Paper Thin T-Mobile Cell Phone with 1.3 megapixel camera and MP3 Player. Not bad for a phone less than 1/2 inch thick!

Cingular 3125 with Wireless Plan
Samsung D807 Multimedia Phone with Cingular Plan
Motorola v195s Cell Phone with T-Mobile Service Plan

Cingular 3125 means having a Windows Mobile capable phone in less than 0.5 inch flip color screen phone. It is also capable of streaming stereo music using Bluetooth technology and it sports a 1.3 megapixel camera as well.

Sliding cover on a phone thinner than the Razr! Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel camera and Built-In MP3.

Equipped with browsing and messaging features, and since it is a Bluetooth phone, its capabilities make this a cell phone a good choice for many.

Samsung T319 Cell Phone with T-Mobile Service and MyFaves
Samsung T629 T-Mobile Phone
T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana

VGA Quality Digital Camera; 65,000 colors Color Diplay; Convenient External Display; Built-in speakerphone; Text and Picture messaging

Super thin slider T-Mobile phone, the T629 is another success story for Samsung. With a integrated MP3 player, 1.3 megapizel camera and Bluetooth, this Tmobile phone meets all expectations.

T-Mobile Motorola RAZR V3i Dolce & Gabbana with MyFaves cell phone features a gold finish, MP3 music player, 8x digital zoom camera and expandable memory.

Samsung T509 with T-Mobile Plan
LG Fusic LX550 Cell Phone wit Sprint Plan
Cingular 2125 Phone with Wireless Plan

Looking for a phone to fit in your wallet? Less than 0.5 inches, only 2.7 ounces! This bluetooth, Instant messaging quipped, VGA camera phone is a true technological marvel.

Wirelessly Stream Music To A Stereo Bluetooth Headset Or A Nearby FM Radio! High-speed Data Downloads Let You Watch Sprint TV Or Listen To Streaming Music Download Music Directly To Your Phone Over The Air; Bluetooth; 1.3 Megapixel Camera; Advanced Voice Activated; Expandable Memory Card Slot To Hold Your Music And Videos.

Windows Mobile 5.0 Cingular Phone; International Quad Band phone with EDGE Technology

Sierra Wireless Aircard 860 PC Card with Cingular Wireless Plan
Motorola V276 Dual Band Cell Phone
Blackberry 7290 Cell Phone with T-Mobile Plan

Quad Band GSM Laptop Card; UMTS broadband download speeds up to 1.8 Mbps; plus ubiquitous EDGE coverage

BlackBerry 7290: Bluetooth Enabled QWERTY keyboard phone that supports Word, Excel, Powerpoint and PDF attachments

Sprint Sanyo Katana Phones (Polar White)
Sprint Sanyo Katana Pink with Plan
Sanyo Katana Sprint Phone with Plan

The Sprint Sanyo Katana cell phone, packs Bluetooth Wireless connectivity, a WAP 2.0 mobile browser, and digital camera into a slim flip styled cell phone.

WAP 2.0 browser, MP3 ringtones, Bluetooth connectivity and a digital camera make the pink Katana a hi-end slim cell phone.

Large Internal and External Color Displays; Blue Tooth; VGA Camera Phone; Voice Activated Dialing; All in 0.6 Inch!

Sony Ericsson Z500A Tri-Band Unlocked Phone
Siemens A75 Tri-Band Unlocked Phone
Siemens A70 Tri-Band Unlocked Phone
Audiovox PC5740 EV-DO PC Card
Motorola V276 Cell Phone with Verizon Phone Plan
Samsung A900M Multimedia Sprint Phone

Audiovox PC5740 EV-DO Pc Card Access Verizon data network at DSL Speed - up to 2.4Mbps almost anywhere. Requires 32bit PCMCIA, Windows XP/2000.

Motorola V276 Motorola V276 Camera Phone is a Quality flip-phone that can be highly personalized to meet your need

Samsung A900 Super Thin Sprint PCS Phone: Only 0.57"; Watch on-demand TV; Bluetooth; 1.3 Megapixel Camera; EV-DO Next generation: Broadband-like Speed Downloads

Samsung A640 Sprint PCS Phone with Sprint Plan
Motorola ROKR iTunes Cell Phone with Cingular Plan
Samsung SGH-D500 Tri-band, 1.3 Mega-pixel slider Bluetooth Phone (Network Unlocked)

One of the smallest Sprint PCS fFlip cell phones: packed with features like VGA Camera, bluetooth, voice activated dialing and walkie talkie enabled.

iTunes Cell Phone with Surround Stereo Speaker and Headset; Bluetooth, Camera, and Triband Cell Phone in one device!

Nokia 3120 Tri-Band Cell Phone (Iron Blue) Network Unlocked
Nokia 8800 Tri-Band Slide Phone with Built in Camera
Nokia N71 2.0 Megapixel Camera Cell Phone - Network Unlocked
Nokia 9300 Triband World Phone (Network Unlocked)
Nokia 7270 Personal Communicator Phone (Network Unlocked)
Samsung SGH-E630 Camera Phone (Slider)
Nokia 6600 GSM Tri-Band World International Cell Phone with Built In Camera (Network Unlocked)
Nokia 6260 Tri-Band Flip Phone with Built in Camera (Network Unlocked)
Sony Ericsson K750i Tri-Band Cell Phone with Built in 2.0 Mega-Pixel Camera (Network Unlocked)
Motorola E550 Quad-Band Camera Phone (Network Unlocked)
RIM BlackBerry 7250 Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Service
Nextel Yellow & Black i530 Phone Upgrade

BlackBerry 7250: Bluetooth CDMA Blackberry phone comes with full suite of business applications and High-Resolution Color Display

Nokia 6170 Stainless Steel Premium Phone Network Unlocked
Motorola E398 Tri-Band World International Cell Phone with Built in Camera and 3D Stereo Sound (Black) (Network Unlocked)
Nokia 7610 Tri-Band Multimedia World International Cell Phone w/1 Mega Pixel Camera - Black/Red or Black/Silver Colors (Network Unlocked)
T-Mobile BlackBerry 7105t Phone
Nextel i870 Cell Phone with Nextel Wireless Service
BlackBerry 7100g PDA Cell Phone with Cingular GSM Wireless Service

NEW Blackberry Phone with raised keys for fewer mistypes. Bluetooth; Clear Speakerphone and Quad Band for World Wide Roaming Capability

Built-in stereo MP3 music player; 1.3 megapixel high-quality megapixel digital camera and video clips enabled; Bluetooth Connectivity

Attachment Viewing (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) - Microsoft Exchange Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Adobe PDF Attachment Viewer; Bluetooth Wireless Technology, QWERTY Keyboard

Nextel i710 Cell Phone with NEXTEL Plan
Nokia 7710 Tri-Band Smart Cell Phone
PalmOne Treo 650 Camera Cell Phone with Verizon Wireless Service

Java applications, Wallpaper Randomizer, and GPS solutions.

Nokia 7710 widescreen multimedia smartphone keeps you organized, entertained, and in the know.

Treo 650: Giant color display Camera Phone with redesigned keyboard + fast processor. Supports MS Exchange 2003

Samsung A950 Video Phone
PalmOne Treo 650 Cingular Cell Phone
LG LX350 Sprint Camera Phone

Streaming TV and Music With Verizon VCAST Service; Near DSL-speed; 1.3 Megapixel Camera; Video Captures Up To 15 Seconds; QuickPhrase Voice Recognition

Quad Band World Phone, Camera & MPEG4 Video Cell Phone with Built In Keyboard

1.3 Megapixel camera; Hidden external display; 262,000 color Internal Display; Record short video clips up to 15 seconds

Samsung MM-A920 Sprint Multimedia EV-DO Cell Phone
T-Mobile SDA Phone with T-Mobile Plan
Motorola V360 T-Mobile Phone with TMobile Cellular Service

1.3 Megapixel camera; Music Downloads; Sprint TV; Bluetooth and Voice Activated Phone.

Windows Mobile v5 Bluetooth smartphone; Quad-band GSM; WiFi for connecting to T-Mobile Hotspots; MS Pocket Outlook email with MS Excel, Word and PowerPoint support; 1.3 megapixel camera

Stores up to 1000 Names, Weighs only 3.6 ounces and is Bluetooth enabled. Digicam, MP3 and video capable. Internal Antenna.

Nokia N90 Phone with T-Mobile Service
Motorola Pebl Phone with T-Mobile Service Plan
T-Mobile Sidekick II with TMobile Service

2.0 Megapixel Built In Camera with Video. Carl Zeiss Optics; Broadband speed with WCDMA or EDGE; MP3 Player and Bluetooth Connectivity

Uniquely smooth oval shape; Bluetooth; Quad-band GSM; Video clips Capture; Giant bright 262,000 colors Display; Customized news, weather and more; Voice Dialing

Color Screen Data Cell Phone, Built In Camera with Flash

Nokia 6630 1.3 Mega pixel Camera Phone Network Unlocked
LG VX9800M Cell Phone with Verizon Phone Plan
Motorola e815 Phone, Motorola e815 Accessories

1.3 Megapixel, Full Qwerty Keyboard Flip Phone Takes Print-quality Stills or Extra-long Video Clips

Motorola E815 Video MP3 Phone 1.3 Megapixel camera phone: Broadband Speed EV-DO Downloads via VCAST

Samsung SGH-E720 Tri-band
Samsung SGH-E730 Tri-band Phone Network Unlocked
Nokia 6256i Cell Phone

Camera, video recorder and FM radio; Bluetooth and Infrared Connectivity; Internal and External Color Screens

Treo 650 Cell Phone
LG VX6100 Upgrade Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless Audiovox 8910 CDMA Cell Phone

TREO 650 Cell Phone: 65,000 Colors Screen, Wireless Internet: Browser with Frame Support, Digital Camera with 2X Zoom, MPEG4 Video Capable.

Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH A650 CDMA Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless Samsung SCH A670 CDMA GPS Enabled Cell Phone with Camera
Verizon Wireless LG VX3200 CDMA Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless LG VX4500 CDMA Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless LG VX4600 CDMA Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless LG VX7000 CDMA Camera Cell Phone
Samsung SCH-A610 Replacement Rotating Camera Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless Audiovox CDM 8600 Cell Phone
Verizon Wireless Kyocera 7135 CDMA Cell Phone
LG VX3200 Verizon Wireless Cell Phone
LG VX8100 (Video Phone)
LG VX6100 Verizon Wireless Phone

Ultra Small Verizon Phone, Bright 65K Color Screen and Speakerphone

LG VX8100 Video Phone 1.3 Megapixel digital Camera Phone, EV-DO super High-speed data download and MP3 player with Stereo Output.

LG VX6100 Cell Phone: Voice Dialing, Memo Recorder, Built-in Speakerphone, 500 Contacts.

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