How important is it to send that text?

How important is it to send that text?

How important is it to send that text? Is it worth your life?:

It must be very important sending text messages. To risk your life to communicate something that is rather insignificant or obvious such as I’ll see you later, or driving to class, or when you get back we’ll talk or “I need to quit texting, because I could die in a car accident.” – Chance Bothe sent this last text seconds before driving off a cliff. Miraculously he survived but he suffered tremendously. He suffered everything from brain injuries and breaking every bone in his body to dying three times. I guess knowing that mobile text messaging is dangerous still doesn’t save you. Texting and driving increases the risk of a car accident by 23 times for teens who are already at high risk behind the wheel. Car accidents is the leading cause of death for teens and text messaging while driving greatly increases the risk for a car crash.

Sending text messages when you’re driving takes more concentration than talking on the cell phone (talking on the cell phone is also distracting). How can you type and drive? This multitasking just doesn’t exist. You cannot type and drive. Mobile text messaging even out of the car is dangerous. Many times I’ve had to avoid bumping into people who chose to walk while their focus was solely in the messaging. Hey, you get your head out of the messaging and look where you’re walking. Now picture this with texting and driving - more of a grim scenario. As you can see from real life tragedies, such as the death of Emy Brochu in Montreal who was text messaging while driving, the Los Angeles train collision of 2008 killing 25 people and injuring 101, the Boston train crash injuring 50 people and the driver in Bainbridge, Ohio who didn’t even know he struck someone because he was texting and driving.

Texting and driving is a form of reckless endangerment. In order to raise awareness of the severity of texting while driving, AT&T created an area at their website called the "Dangers of Text Messaging and Driving". Here you can find AT&T's 10 minute documentary, "The Last Text," detailing the negative impact of texting while driving, a Facebook link to take a pledge to not text while driving and downloadable materials. Also available for AT&T customers is the free AT&T DriveMode App available at Blackberry App World and Google Play. The AT&T DriveMode App sends a customized automatic response to incoming text messages informing texters that you are driving and will get back to them when possible.

Visit AT&T's dedicated anti-texting and driving web page for more information on their "It Can Wait Campaign" and resources to help educate and prevent texting and driving.

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