Samsung ATADS10JBEB Charger

Samsung ATADS10JBEB Charger
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Samsung ATADS10JBEB Charger:

The factory original Samsung ATADS10JBEB Charger, can be used as a Helio Fin Charger, Samsung M300 Charger or Samsung M510 Charger (see complete compatibility list below). This 110-120 Volt AC Samsung ATADS10JBEB charger is a rapid rate charger that replenishes your cell phone's battery quickly. The Samsung ATADS10JBEB charger can operate your cell phone even with an empty battery.

Compatible cell phones include:

Samsung Saga SCH-i770 / Samsung Omnia SCH-i910 / SCH-R200 / SCH-R300 / Axle SCH-R311 / SCH-R400 / SCH-R410 / Tint SCH-R420 / SCH-R430 / Trill SCH-R520 / JetSet SCH-R550 / Hue II SCH-R600 / SCH-R610 / Delve SCH-R800 / Finesse SCH-R810 / Knack SCH-U310 / Smooth SCH-U350 / Gloss SCH-u440 / Intensity SCH-U450 / SCH-U470 / Juke / Trance SCH-U490 / Convoy SCH-u640 / SCH-U650 Sway / SCH-U700 / Gleam / Muse SCH-U706 / Alias 2 SCH-U750 / SCH-U810 Renown / SCH-U900 / FlipShot / Samsung SCH-U940 Glyde / Rogue SCH-U960 / SGH-A117 / SGH-A127 / SGH-A177 / SGH-A227 / SGH-A237 / Magnet SGH-A257 / SGH-A517 / SGH-A637 / SGH-A657 / Sunburst SGH-A697 / SGH-A737 / SGH-A747 SLM / Propel SGH-A767 / SGH-A777 / Samsung Access SGH-A827 / Rugby SGH-A837 / Impression SGH-A877 / Solstice SGH-A887 / Propel Pro SGH-I627 / Samsung Jack SGH-I637 / Epix SGH-i907 / SGH-T109 / SGH-T229 / SGH-T239 / SGH-T339 / SGH-T349 / SGH-T409 / SGH-T429 / SGH-T439 / Samsung SGH-T459 Gravity / Gravity 2 SGH-T469 / SGH-T539 / Comeback SGH-T559 / SGH-T639 / SGH-T729 / Katalyst SGH-T739 / Highlight SGH-T749 / SGH-T819 / Eternity A867 / Behold SGH-T919 / Memoir SGH-T929 / SPH-A513 / Helio Fin / SPH-I325 ACE / SPH-M300 / SPH-M510 / SPH-M520 / SPH-M800 Instinct / Instinct s30 SPH-M810 / SPH-Z400

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