The Smartwatch

April 28, 2013

The digital wrist watch has come a long way since the 1970's, when the first digital watch, Hamilton Watch Company's Pulsar, was released. No longer just a digital watch, now watches are beginning to incorporate some of the features of smartphones and thus are called smartwatches. In addition to keeping track of the time, smartwatches are capable of providing video and music playback remote control, have Bluetooth wireless connectivity, can run on a mobile OS, have GPS functionality, take photos, and even answer and make calls.

Even more capabilities are possible. The smartwatch can have preloaded applications that can monitor your heart rate, guide you with a compass, function as a thermometer, play video games and shop. You can easily navigate through the user interface thanks to advancements in touchscreen technology. You can always add apps to some of the smartwatches currently available.

MOTOACTVThe MOTOACTV is a smartwatch that was designed for fitness minded individuals who would like to keep track of their workouts while enjoying motivating playlists with the Smart MP3 player. What is unique about the Smart MP3 player is that it will create a high performance playlist by comparing your performance with played songs and then selecting music based on the highest results. You can plug a stereo headset to the 3.5mm audio jack or connect via Bluetooth stereo and sync your iTunes library (USB connectivity PC or Mac). It is also equipped with a FM Radio. Tracking your daily performance for over 40 activities has never been easier. The AccuSense sensors with GPS tracking logs by monitoring your calories burned, speed, time, distance, heart rate, pace, steps, step rate and route for core activities (running / walking / cycling / elliptical / golf / step machine) and custom activities (heavy bag / jump rope / boxing / dancing / and many more). Additionally, you can use ANT+ compatible bike sensing technology, heart rate monitors and more to help you collect data and make the most of your workouts and training.

You also have an Audio Coach who helps to keep you motivated with updates on your current speed, pace and more. At the MOTOACTV training portal you can have all of your data automatically uploaded and manage your routines as you edge towards your fitness goals. If you play golf, you get a free virtual caddy that can track your games on over 20,000 golf courses all over the world with an online clubhouse. You can still receive your text messages and incoming calls from your Android smartphone when its in Bluetooth range when you download and install the free MOTOACTV application available at Google Play. Also, find the AccuWeather Plugin for the MOTOACTV app. Specs include a 1.6-inch Corning Gorilla Glass touch screen, 20 hours music playback time, 325 hours standby, sweat proof and rain resistant, dedicated music key, USB 2.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 1.5, Bluetooth stereo A2DP, GPS, FM radio, dedicated music play/stop key, dedicated workout start/stop key, and works with most Android smartphones. Accessories include heart rate monitor chest strap, bike speed and cadence sensor and bike mount. Shop Android Phones

Sony SmartwatchThe Sony SmartWatch notifies through emails, SMS, Calendar events, and keeps you social (Facebook and Twitter). Made for your Android smartphone, you can find more apps for the Smartwatch at the Google Play store. It has the capability to function as a remote for your Android smartphone's music player and it displays current song info. Features include interchangeable wrist straps available in a variety of colors, the option of a digital or analog watch interface, Bluetooth version 3.0 wireless connectivity, and a Multitouch OLED screen. Prior to purchasing be sure to verify compatibility. You can find out which smartphones are compatible at "".

I'm Watch

Designed and manufactured in Italy, i'm Watch the Smartwatch, requires Bluetooth tethering for many of its functions and is compatible with iOS 4 and higher as well as Android 4.0 and above. These are the operating systems that support a Bluetooth tethered internet connection. It has a 4GB internal memory, 1.5-inch 240 x 240 px resolution 220 pixel per inch (ppi) TFT touchscreen and is powered by a Li-Po 450 mAh battery that provides 5 hours of usage time with 24 hours Bluetooth standby (48 without Bluetooth). Available in a multitude of colors found in either the i'm Watch Color Collection (aluminum body available in 7 different colors), the i'm Watch Tech Collection (titanium) and the i'm Watch Jewel Collection (silver and gold). i'market offers hundreds of applications for the i'm watch. You can find apps for music, games, and more. Calls with caller ID are displayed onscreen and you are notified when you receive a messages from your email, social networks and texts. i'music lets download music without a limit from a selection of over 9.5 million songs. i'm Cloud enables you to manage the i'm Watch with your computer or smartphone.

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