Social Networking Cell Phones

Here's 1800mobiles review of the best social networking cell phones available in the market or coming up in the next few months. Social networking is the #1 reason why cell phone users subscribe to a mobile internet plan. Facebook has passed the 250 mil. users mark. Twitter is right behind Facebook. Most phones have online features, but not all have the immediacy and convenience required by most users when using their favorite social network. This Social Networking Phone guide is meant to help you navigate through the hundreds of cell phones with Internet access.

With micro-blogging taking off, we looked into all available phones and searched for those features that make text input as well as friends feeds and picture/video uploads as easy and accessible as possible. The Apple iPhone is an obvious choice although some have lamented data entry available only through touchscreen.

The upcoming Sprint PCS Palm Pre is said to be the ultimate in social networking phones as it allows to run multiple applications and it comes with a regular sliding keyboard. The phones below are all available now and showcase all the features necessary to stay connected wth your friends and your content.

Social Networking Cell Phones

Sprint Phone HTC Evo 4G
Motorola Droid 2 Verizon Phone
AT&T Phone Samsung Impression A877 in Blue

HTC Evo 4G Sprint Phone has the largest touchscreen currently available at 4.3-in and features Hotspot capability for up to 8 devices.

This new Verizon phone, the Motorola Droid 2 adds new Android 2.2 Froyo OS, virtual and slide out QWERTYs and functions as a 3G Mobile Hotspot.

The Samsung Impression AT&T Phone features a slide out QWERTY and a 3.2" touchscreen for your mobile needs.

Motorola BACKFLIP AT&T Phone
LG Ally Verizon Phone
Nokia Nuron 5230 T-Mobile Phone

The Motorola BACKFLIP AT&T Phone has a 3.1" touchscreen, Motoblur and connects at 3G and Wi-Fi.

LG Ally Verizon Wireless phone has 3.2" touchscreen with slide QWERTY, HTML, IM, email on Android 2.1 at Wi-Fi. Google Maps and 3.2 MP camera / camcorder with many more features.

The Nokia Nuron is a 3.2 inch 16.7 million color T-Mobile touchscreen phone the provides a vivid mobile entertainment experience and much more.

Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 9550 - Black
Samsung Epic 4G Sprint Phone
Sprint Palm Pre - Black

3.25" touchscreen BlackBerry Storm2 Verizon phone with EV–DO, Wi-Fi, V CAST Video, Social Networking, 3.2 MP camera / camcorder, aGPS, web / IM / email.

The Samsung Epic 4G Sprint Phone brings speed on 4-in Super AMOLED 16M Touchscreen with Android 2.1 OS.

The 3.1" touch screen of the Palm Pre Sprint Phone makes the most of Palm Synergy and multitasking at EVDO and Wi-Fi for Sprint TV and more.

Blackberry Torch AT&T Phone
Palm Pre Plus Black Verizon Phone
T-Mobile HTC HD2

The Blackberry Torch AT&T Phone has a slide down QWERTY, a 3.2-inch touch screen and is powered by the new Blackberry 6 OS.

Palm Pre Plus Verizon Phone on Palm webOS for multitasking and 3D gaming on multitouch 3.1" 24bit color touchscreen. Made for the Social Networking with Palm Synergy.

This 4.3 touchscreen T-Mobile cell phone is the largest currently available. Windows Mobile 6.5 keeps you productive when away from the office. It sports a 5MP camera camcorder, GPS IMs and YouTube.

Motorola Cliq XT T-Mobile Phone
T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant
Cabernet Motorola Charm T-Mobile Phone

One of the coolest T-Mobile phones comes with a 3.1" color Touch Screen, SWYPE Virtual QWERTY keyboard HTML Web browsing and Social Networking and MOTOBLUR. Learn More.

The Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile Phone has a 4" 16 million color touch screen and 16GB internal memory.

The Cabernet Motorola Charm T-Mobile Phone keeps you social.

T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 - Mocha
AT&T Phone BlackBerry Bold 9700 Black
BlackBerry Curve 9360 Black T-Mobile Phone

Get this T-Mobile phone and enjoy a 3.6" 65k color touch screen, slide out QWERTY, Virtual QWERTY, Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, 3G, Wi-Fi and many more features

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 AT&T Phone has an upgraded OS and optical track pad navigation for your 3G or Wi-Fi HTML web browsing, email and social networking.

The BlackBerry Curve 9360 T-Mobile phone runs on the new BlackBerry 7 operating system.

Verizon Phone HTC Droid Eris
BlackBerry Curve 8530 Purple Sprint Phone
Sprint Phone BlackBerry Curve 8530 - Black

The HTC Droid Eris is a Verizon phone with Virtual QWERTY keyboard with 7 home screens. and an amazing 5.0 MP camera camcorder.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Purple Sprint Phone has all you need for mobile entertainment and productivity at 3G and Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 Sprint Phone has a highly responsive optical track pad and 3G or Wi-Fi you get web, Sprint TV and Social Networking.

Verizon Phone LG enV3 in Slate Blue
T-Mobile Phone BlackBerry Curve 8520 - Black
AT&T Samsung Eternity II

LG enV3 Verizon Phone has a 2.6" internal screen, full QWERTY, IM, HTML, email, V CAST Video / Music and 3MP camera / camcorder.

This Blackberry T-Mobile phone features a 2.46 inches 65k color screen, optical track pad, and full QWERTY; Wi-Fi for HTML browsing and much more.

The Samsung Eternity II AT&T Phone brings you all the entertainment and navigation features to your fingertips.

Verizon Nokia Twist in Black
Sprint Samsung Reclaim - Earth Green
T-Mobile myTouch 3G

The Verizon Wireless Nokia Twist has a 2.4" screen with a swivel QWERTY for social networking and the web. 3.2 MP camera / camcorder, Bluetooth stereo and more.

The Samsung Reclaim Sprint Phone is Eco-Friendly, 2.6-in 262k color screen and slide out QWERTY at 3G speeds for Sprint TV, Social Zone and Sprint Navigation.

The Google T-Mobile phone carries a 3.2" touch screen, Virtual Keyboard, 3G, Wi-Fi, HTML browser, email, IMs, GPS and a 3.2MP camera and more

Verizon Motorola Devour
Sprint LG Lotus Elite
Sprint BlackBerry Curve 8530 in Red

Motorola Devour Verizon Wireless phone gathers all info in one place. 3.0MP camera / camcorder, aGPS, 3G and Wi-Fi on a 3.1" touch screen.

The LG Lotus Elite Sprint Phone has dual color screens for your Social Networking, Sprint TV, music and mobile Web access all at 3G.

The Red BlackBerry Curve 8530 Sprint Phone has External media keys, GPS and made for corporate and social networking.

AT&T LG eXpo
Samsung Reality Verizon Phone
Verizon Wireless Samsung Reality - City Red

The LG eXpo AT&T Phone has a 3.2-in 16 million color touchscreen for AT&T Navigator, AT&T Video, Internet Explorer Mobile and more.

Samsung Reality Verizon phone was made for Social Networking with 3" touchscreen, slide QWERTY, web in HTML, 3.2 MP camera / camcorder and VZ Navigator.

Verizon Wireless Samsung Reality has 3" touchscreen, QWERTY and loaded with multimedia capabilities for the social networker.

AT&T Samsung Flight - Grey
T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide - Black
HTC Aria AT&T Phone

Slide down the QWERTY keyboard and quickly respond with the grey Samsung Flight AT&T Phone.

This T-Mobile phone features the Android 2.1 OS with HTC Sense, 3.4-inch touch screen, 5 home screens, Friend Stream, myModes, slide out QWERTY, Swype keyboard and much more.

The HTC Aria AT&T phone has 3.2-in touch screen with HTC Sense and runs on Android 2.1 and connects at 3G and Wi-Fi.

LG Vu Plus AT&T Phone
BlackBerry Bold 9650 Verizon Phone
Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9650

The LG Vu Plus AT&T Phone has a 3" touch screen and is loaded with multimedia capabilities for your mobile entertainment.

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 Verizon phone with Optical Trackpad lets you connect at 3G and Wi-Fi for all your social networking, messaging and mobile internet needs.

The BlackBerry Bold 9650 Sprint Phone keeps you connected to your social networking, personal and corporate worlds at 3G and Wi-Fi.

T-Mobile Phone LG Sentio
Samsung Intercept Sprint Phone
BlackBerry Curve 8520 Fuchsia T-Mobile Phone

The LG Sentio T-Mobile Phone has a 3 inch touch screen and keeps you in the loop with Social Buzz and more.

The Samsung Intercept Sprint Phone has a 3.2 touchscreen and keeps you up to speed with Wi-Fi connectivity.

The Fuchsia BlackBerry Curve 8520 T-Mobile Phone has all you need for your professional and personal worlds. Wi-Fi,2.0MP camera / camcorder and more.

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 AT&T Phone
AT&T Phone Samsung Captivate
T-Mobile G2

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 AT&T Phone has a large 4-in touchscreen and an 8.1 MP Camera / Camcorder.

The Samsung Captivate AT&T Phone has a 4" 16M color super AMOLED touchscreen and loaded with the latest in mobile technology.

The T-Mobile G2 runs on Android 2.2 and connects at 4G like speeds.

AT&T Motorola Flipout
Sprint Phone Samsung Transform
Verizon LG Vortex

Rotate the QWERTY and respond with the Motorola Flipout AT&T Phone.

The Samsung Transform Sprint Phone lets you quickly respond and stay social with Android Éclair 2.1 and its 3.5-in LCD touch screen.

The LG Vortex Verizon Phone has a 3.2-inch 262k color Touchscreen and is pre-loaded for social networking with Facebook and Twitter.

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