Sprint GPS

Sprint GPS:

Sprint collaborating with NEXTEL has a set of GPS services which help a user keep track of other mobile for personal purposes, e.g. family or professional purposes e.g. employees. These services, in addition to locating the concerned person can also help in navigating the route to help finding them.

The different service options as a part of Sprint GPS are:


TeleNav is the service offered to get audio and visual directions at every turn at an extremely attractive cost compared to other GPS providers

The main features are:

  • Easy to understand directions
  • Direction with a reference to the current location of the user, where inputting the address is not a requirement
  • Options of different routes to get to a location
  • Alerts which pop-up automatically in case steered off the pre-set directions
  • Finds relevant businesses like Restaurants, gas stations and more across the stretch of the United States
  • Improved productivity and a reduction in costs
  • It also has a fleet management application which bundles services like real-time location of the vehicle, driver communication which is automated and reporting locations
  • Nextel GPS and Java-enabled phone like a BlackBerry 7520 or BlackBerry 7100i
  • There is an option of using a PC connected to the net
  • Before subscribing to the TeleNav service, it is essential that the phone and a basic rate plan is procured

Pricing of the TeleNav plans have options of TeleNav 10, which is for $10.00 per month and is ideal for daily drivers including 10 routes a month with 0.5 MB of data access and there is the TeleNav Unlimited plan for users who plan to use the TeleNav services more than twice per week. But the prerequisite of this plan is that the user already have a BlackBerry or NEXTEL data service pack.

Mobile Locator

It is critical for mobile workforces to communicate and have knowledge of their location in order to perform business services well. Whether it is either to inform a customer because of a change in schedule, or to help employees plan a more efficient traffic route mobile locator comes to the rescue.

Main features:
  • Real-time location of employees in the form of an address or a web-based map
  • PC-to-Phone messaging – messages which can be sent from any computer to a phone whose location has been identified
  • Driving directions in English and Spanish – helps the work force to move from their current location to their next assignment or even getting back to office
  • Points of interest – to help an employee find the nearest ATM, Gas station or restaurant

This service requires only a Nextel GPS phone, MyNextel login and a computer connected to the net. Alternative is a BlackBerry 7100i and a BlackBerry data service plan.


Pricing varies from $15.00 per month at $0.15 a message to $20.00 per month at $0.10 a message

The Mobile Locator service on the phone can be activated by:

  1. Registering for a MyNexTel account with a username and password and logging in as an account administrator
  2. For each phone that needs to be located, the Mobile locator online needs to be selected under subscriptions
  3. Then, the terms and conditions which are presented should be agreed to and click OK as confirmation
  4. Once all the above procedure is completed, the Mobile locator account will be activated within an hour. Now the new username and password created can be used to login to the account again.
Mobile locator is a GPS- based service and can locate handset with different levels of accuracies: when the handset is detected using the GPS technology, it will be a high accuracy method and when the handset is detected using cell tower technology, it is the low accuracy method.

Trimble Outdoors

Trimble outdoor service helps convert a user’s Nextel or BlackBerry Sprint Cell Phone into a complete GPS kit for on the road or even off the road adventures. This includes complete software for the computer to plan trips.

Main features are:

  • Trips can be devised using aerial, street and topography maps of the US.
  • Access to other Trimble users who upload research trips
  • Capability to access routes, maps, waypoints by downloading them on to a mobile phone
  • Sharing pictures and notes taken on the field with friends and family


    Nextel Java and GPS-enabled phones or Compatible BlackBerry phones with Black Data service plans


    The different plan options under this service are Trimble Outdoors GPS Gold at $4.99 per month, Trimble Outdoors GPS Platinum at $5.99 per month and Trimble Outdoors Platinum unbundled at $6.99 per month

    MapQuest Find Me MapQuest Find Me is a service, compatible with BlackBerry 7520 and 7100i phone, is a comprehensive service to locate family, friends and colleagues in addition to ATMs, restaurants and provides directions. This service is a combination of the best of GPS technology and the latest and updated interest locations in the US.

    Main Features:

  • Automatic reporting of location – the current location is available on the phone without any external input. Depending on the color capabilities of the display screen of the phone, color maps and messaging are also available.
  • People-finder – look for upto 20 people on the phone (with their permission) and be updated on their locations and routes
  • Points-of-interest locator – Find locations like restaurants, gas stations, theatres and parks and also get their distance with reference to the current location of the user
  • Directions – get detailed directions on the phone down to every turn in the route
  • Convenient Address book – stores addresses and points of interest which is automatically updated on the mobile phone
  • Peace of mind – the ability to send the current location to a trusted friend or family member through a text message or even upload information on a private website.


    Next GPS and Java enabled phone with subscription to a Nextel voice rate plan or compatible BlackBerry phones with BlackBerry data service plans.


    Plan options are the MapQuest Find Me with 300KB of data at $5.99 per month and if on a BlackBerry, $3.99 in addition to the BlackBerry or Nextel Data Service pack.

    PC*MILER – Mobile by ALK Technologies

    This service provides for street-level navigation system for vehicles operators – owned operators, leased operators and vehicle drivers. This service uses the most comprehensive routing and mapping database available in the United States.

    Main features:

  • Dock-to-dock directions which can be spoken
  • Recalculation of the route details automatically
  • Simple and clear display screen
  • A database of 100 million North American addresses and almost 7 million miles of road route.
  • Hazmat and 53’/102’ restrictions of trailers
  • 5 million places-of- interest including weight stations, truck stops and resting spots.


    Nextel GPS and Java-enabled phone like i605, i355, i88s, i58sr, i860 with an unlimited data access plan. Regular web-based tracking module can be done through an internet-enabled computer.


    The two options of subscribing to this service will be: Navigation, which is for $25.00 / unit / month with no set up fee and Navigation and Tracking, which is for $40.00 / unit / month with a one-time set up fee of $15.00 per unit.

    Garmin Mobile

    Garmin Mobile is a service to find out more than five million places of interest such as hotels, gas stations, ATMs and tourist attractions.

    Main features:

  • Moving maps with directions for every turn and can be prompted by voice of user
  • Missed turns will make the service recalculate new distance to the intended destination
  • Access to almost six million places of interest
  • Positions and locations of gas stations in the users proximity with comparisons to look for the least expensive options
  • Traffic news that is relayed in real time with updated information about road accidents, construction blocks and other forms of delay
  • A weather forecast for the next five days
  • Compatible with the Garmin Mobile Manager

    If a user chooses Garmin Mobile Lite, the features available are:

  • Moving maps with directions of each and every turn
  • Access to the same number of places of Interest as above
  • Compatible with Garmin Mobile Manager

    Any GPS-enabled phones is required and some compatible Sprint PCS Phones are: I560, i710, i760, i836, i850, i860 and i870

    Pricing options are from Garmin Mobile at $9.99 per month and Garmin Lite at $4.99 per month

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