T-Mobile Family Plans and Phones with Tmobile Service

T-Mobile Family plan is named T-Mobile FamilyTime. This plan starts with two lines of service sharing the same monthly allowance of minutes. Families can add additional lines of service to their Tmobile FamilyTime plan to also share from the same monthly allowance of minutes for an additional monthly fee.

Familes save money by using the unlimited T-Mobile to T-Mobile Minutes. This means that you can call your friends and family as much as you want, without using your family monthly cellular allowance.

Families also benefit from unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes. T-Mobile currently offers for a limited time the option of unlimited calling during nights and weekends for as long as you remain on the same rate Tmobile family plan. T-mobile defines Nights as 9:00pm to 6:59am Monday through Thursday and 9:00pm - 11:59pm Friday. Weekends are defined as midnight Friday through midnight Sunday. Families should know that T-Mobile rates calls from when the call begins. Therefore if the call starts at 8:55pm and ends at 9:20pm then the call is not counted as a nighttime call and the whole call is deducted from your family monthly allowance.

T-Mobile Family Plans and Phones with Tmobile Service

Motorola DEFY T-Mobile Phones

Motorola Cliq XT T-Mobile Phones
Nokia Nuron T-Mobile Phones

Motorola DEFY T-Mobile Phones are rugged and have what your family requires when it comes to social networking. Powered with Android Éclair 2.1 OS and enhanced MOTOBLUR.

Get two T-Mobile Phones and save; both come with 3.1 inches 65k color touchscreen for your family with virtual QWERTY, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity for social networking and more.

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Nokia Nuron T-Mobile Phones deliver the web on a vivid 3.2-inch 16.7 million color touchscreen.

BlackBerry Curve 8520 T-Mobile Phones
Nokia 2720 T-Mobile Phones

Easily navigate with the Optical trackpad and quickly compose with the full QWERTY keyboard anywhere. Quad-band compatibility, Wi-Fi Calling, voice commands and Bluetooth keep you connected.

Simplify with Nokia 2720 T-Mobile Phones and still have access to the web and FM radio stations.

Most T-Mobile family plans also offer Nationwide Digital Roaming which allows to make or receive calls without incurring in expensive roaming charges anywhere in the United States as long as the caller and receiver are both on the T-Mobile National Coverage network.

Another way for families to save money when using T-Mobile family phones is by the included Free Nationwide Long Distance for life for all calls placed from your home calling area. If one family member is away on business accross the country, you can call him/her from your home calling area and not incur long distance charges even if the other person is 2000 miles away.

All Tmobile Family plans include: Enhanced Voice Mail which goes beyond a personal greeting and offers broadcast messaging, FaxMail and even the ability for your callers to dictate text messages to a live operator!

Note: You can receive up to 500 free minutes of messages per month. Additional minutes of messages charged at airtime rates. Each operator-assisted message is charged $0.50 per message.

Other included and useful features when getting a T-Mobile Family Plan: Caller ID, Three-Way Calling, Call Waiting and Call Hold.

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