Tablet Screen Size War

Tablet Screen Size War

New York, Sep 23 2010. By 1800Mobiles Editorial Team.

The Wall Street Journal announced that RIM Blackberry should launch its own tablet device next week. More than the much debated name of this new portable computer, rumored to be "BlackPad", one particular feature caught our attention: screen size.

Those of you using the Apple iPad already know that it measures at 9.7 inches. If you try to use the iPad with one hand, after about 10 minutes, you need to change hands. There's no pocket large enough to make it truly mobile. Since at 1800Mobiles, we really value portability, we started looking at all iPad competitors (current and upcoming) to see if we can identify a standard screen size that the industry may adopt as the most preferred by users.

At 9.7 inches the iPad is not the biggest tablet out there. Apparently both Asus and Lenovo are about to launch devices bigger than 10". There is only one that tried the 5" mark, the Dell Streak; many more are opting to go towards 7", including the much rumored new Blackberry BlackPad and some rumors are emerging that even Apple might be considering a 7 inches iPad next.

Although we strongly hope the 5" screen will win as will not require buying a "man-purse" to carry it to work, the odds on favorite at this stage is the 7 inches screen.

Stay tuned.

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