Distracted Driving - Texting While Driving

Distracted Driving - Texting While Driving

Distracted Driving - Texting While Driving:

Before you text while driving, think again. Using your cell phone and driving is not driving safe, so imagine text messaging while driving, even worse. Texting while driving has caused many accidents and deaths. Driving on the phone or what some refer to as cell driving places everyone in danger. States have passed laws restricting the use of mobile devices while driving. Two companies have gone a step further to help parents safeguard their teens by using applications to prevent texting and other distracting mobile activities when driving.

Cellcontrol and Zoomsafer are a combination of software and hardware technology that restrict certain mobile functions when a cell phone is in a moving automobile. For instance, the Cellcontrol trigger plugs into the OBD port found underneath your vehicle’s steering column and software is installed on your specified phone through an online account. Once the car moves, a blocking screen is displayed on your smartphone’s screen and you aren’t able to use your smartphone or cell phone. When the car is not moving, the blocking screen clears and you can then use your phone. You can always dial 911 if the need arises. Cellcontrol does not block your use for emergency calls.

Additionally, Cellcontrol can be set to let you make use of Navigation applications, music player apps and lets you set phone numbers that are exempt from the blocks, so you, the parents, are still accessible to your teen if there is an emergency. Notifications and reporting capabilities of Cellcontrol include mileage collection, speed alerts, disabling alert and more. Once the Cellcontrol Trigger is plugged in and you open an online account to activate and install the software on the teen's phone, your set.

Zoomsafer FleetSafer Mobile is another combination of OBD and software that prevent drivers from receiving a text while driving. OBD stands for On-board diagnostics and modern cars are equipped with this self diagnostic system that provides data in real time. Zoomsafer FleetSafer Mobile also makes use of this hardware software combo. The only difference with Zoomsafer FleetSafer Mobile is that there is a choice to select from OBD Bluetooth or Telematics triggers. It works with Blackberry smartphones and Android Smartphones. The setup is almost identical to Cellcontrol. You create an administrative portal through the web, install the software on the smartphone and you insert the trigger into your car’s OBD (OBDII) port.

Text messaging while driving is a big no no. Cellcontrol, Zoomsafer FleetSafer Mobile and state laws are trying to reduce accidents caused by texting while driving. The use of a mobile phone while driving doesn’t register and it has proven to be just as dangerous as driving under the influence. Stay safe behind the wheel.

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