Verizon Wireless Chaperone

Verizon Wireless CHAPERONE::

Verizon CHAPERONE is a service used to locate Verizon Wireless Phone of a family member from your computer or handset just by pushing a button.

Using the CHAPERONE service with child zone will let you locate your child when he moves in and out of designated locations like school, the soccer playground, etc. This communication is done through a text message when the child moves in and out of a user-defined zone. Hence it is important to have a phone which has text messaging capabilities to avail of this service.

To enroll to this service, there must be one handset which is subscribed to CHAPERONE and another handset which is subscribed to either the CHAPERONE service or the CHAPERONE child zone service together part of a family share account.

Currently the subscription to this service is limited to existing customers of Verizon Wireless. Once the subscription is activated, the same access can be used at associate sites like PIX Place, Mobile Web 2.0, and Ringback Tones.


It is important to register on to the Verizon CHAPERONE website to make use of the features. To register, first go to the URL and then select the option ‘SELECT AND MANAGE’. Now enter the ten-digit number with dashes and special characters. Once this is sent, a temporary password is generated and sent to the mobile handset against the number in the form of message.

Now use this temporary message to login to the service on the website. The password can be changed from the temporary one to a new permanent one which would be prompted on the NEW PASSWORD field. Re-entering and saving this password would make this password as your new password.

Using this password and the ten-digit cellphone number, a first-time entrant on the Verizon Wireless CHAPERONE service would be prompted to accept the terms and conditions for the service and the service can be activate on the mobile handset using the ACTIVATE NOW option. It is optional to view a demo of the entire CHAPERONE service before you activate it. Once activated, the user is logged and ready to use the service.

For users who have forgotten the CHAPERONE service password can retrieve it by clicking on the FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD option on the website and entering the ten-digit mobile number of the handset.


For activating a child phone, on the phone follow the procedure as above and press ACTIVATE NOW on the phone and wait for the process of activation to be complete. Once done, the phone is ready to be located by the parent Verizon Wireless Cell Phone. On the child phone, one can assign name, choose between English and Spanish languages and set up speed dial numbers. To assign a name, choose the entry box next to CHANGE NAME against ‘Details for’ a particular phone number. Enter a name, e.g. ‘ Fred’ and press SAVE.


Speed dial buttons can be assigned to the child’s phone for quick and emergency situations which might require the child to call those numbers. There are five speed dial buttons on the child phone and upto four of them can be assigned from the CHAPERONE service site. The fifth number – 911 - can be activated or deactivated as per convenience. To assign mobile phone numbers to the speed dial buttons, first enter the SPEED DIAL NUMBERS menu and select CHANGE. Now enter corresponding numbers against each of the speed dial buttons, be it 1, 2, 3 or even 4. The 911 number then can be either enabled or disabled. Now all the speed dial numbers are assigned.

The child Zone feature works by modifying the following features

  • LOCATION – helps you to enter a recent location of a CHAPERONE service enabled handset
  • BOUNDARY – Helps you se the limit of the boundary for the Child Zone when the CHILD ZONE ALERT should be sent. (For e.g. ¼ mile, ½ mile or a full 1 mile)
  • SCHEDULE – helps you to decide how long the alerts are supposed to be remain activated
  • CREATE – lets you set up a pre-designated child zones. CHAPERONE is currently restricted to only 10 zones.

    SECURITY OF CHAPERONE SERVICE: The service is secure in a way that only the users who have access to the CHAPERONE account information can track a child phone. Also, the information can be viewed only through an internet website or a GET IT NOW application. Hence it is mandatory and advisable to have all the account information as discrete as possible and not to be shared with others.

    DOWNLOADING THE CHAPERONE PARENT APPLICATION: To get the CHAPERONE Parent application for any handset:
  • The right key on the navigation button will take you to a GET IT NOW application on the mobile phone
  • Once in the GET IT NOW menu, go down and select the GET GOING option
  • In GET GOING, select the GET NEW option
  • GET NEW option will immediately connect the phone to a variety of applications including “travel and guides” and “Featured Apps”. One of the them will lead to “CHAPERONE Parent” application
  • Now select the NEXT option to download this application
  • There is no fee to download this application as it comes totally free
  • All browsers like IE 6.0 or higher, FIREFOX and SAFARI support this application


    Once your children are carrying a CHAPERONE-enabled phone which is powered on, it is possible to have the locational information of their phone as an address on a detailed map.

    This locational information is available most of the times except when the phone is powered off, out of coverage of the network, during an active voice call or some network software or hardware glitches.

    The child phone can be located from the LOCATE option on the PHONES page. Once the Child’s phone detailed can be viewed on the screen, click LOCATE NOW to get the most recent location information.

    The location is represented as a Blue area when zoomed in and a Red Dot when zoomed out. The location indicated by either of these color codes are approximate and may slightly vary from the actual location.

    The details of the location like the time of location, the speed of their motion in case they are traveling and direction of the motion will be displayed as a pop-up menu.

    To work your way around the map, the gray arrows on the sides of the map can be used. Also the + and – keys can be used to zoom in and out of the map. To change the size of the map, you can choose the options between LARGER MAP and SMALLER MAP. Also double-clicking on any particular area of the map displayed on the screen will center the map around that area.

    To identify the location relative to a familiar place, the option of SHOW NEARBY LANDMARKS can be used and the map can be printed using a PRINT MAP option. You can view and track your children entering and leaving specific areas by entering those areas as corresponding CHILD ZONES. From the CHILD ZONE page, up to ten zones can be created. To create a new zone, choose CREATE CHILD ZONE, specify a new location or a location from a child zone already created. Now, select NEXT to identify that location as either SCHOOL or PIANO CLASS. Next the boundary of the ZONE needs to be created and the schedule of the number of times the alerts need to be sent. Details of how long the CHILD ZONE needs to be activated and who will receive the alert (It can be your mobile number or any other number chosen) can also be input.

    A CHILD ZONE can be canceled at any time by choosing the option of DELETE CHILD ZONE.


    The child should be told that he needs to have a complete understanding of the service to appreciate and take full advantage of this wireless service.

    The child needs to understand that there are pre-programmed buttons to call numbers in case of an emergency and the service works only if he/she is not talking on the phone. Also it is important to mention that it is a personal service and hence the phone should not be tampered with or used the child’s friends.

    Also the child’s help should be sought to identify and set up CHILD ZONES on the handset by registering familiar locations like the school playground, a specific park or even a friend’s house.


  • A child Zone cannot be set up from a CHAPERONE parent phone
  • The CHAPERONE service includes all areas in the National enhanced service rate coverage area
  • Both CHAPERONE handsets need to powered on for the service to be fully functional
  • It takes approximately two minutes to locate a CHAPERONE service enabled phone. This could be due to a variety of reasons including Geographical, environmental or other factors associated with positing satellites
  • The child phone can be located by more than one phone in case of availability of the account information with the alternate phone. Hence it is very important to keep the account information safe and secure.

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