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Windows Phones - Don't call it a comeback - actually do call it a come back. After the first Windows flop of its first pass at entering the cell phone market, these new array of Windows 7 Phones have already passed the test of selling more than just a few hundreds. Most importantly, new Windows Phones showcase different and useful features not present on any other smart-phone.

Clearly the user-experience of the home screen is the major draw of the new line-up of Windows 7 Phones. Current models include the Samsung Focus, the HTC HD7, HTC Surround, the LG Quantum and the Dell Venue Pro. Some of these phones are making some news, for example, the HTC HD7 carries the biggest screen seen on a Windows 7 phone to date while the HTC Surround showcases slide-out speakers with SRS Dolby Mobile surround sound (this is a first for any cell phone, let alone Windows phones).

Now let's talk about these home page functionality. The way this works is that your Windows 7 phone start screen gets constantly updated and is quick to customize with what you want to be updated about. Basically these Animated Live Tiles allows you to be constantly up to date with the latest Facebook update, Tweet, News, emails and more.

Searching is also a totally different experience. Since Windows phones' search is also integrated with Bing maps, one gets a true visual search experience on a large screen for easier viewing and action. Maps are also accessible with a simple click from your calendar function. For example, if your next appointment has an address in the invite, one can see the place and directions to it on a map. Speaking of appointment, there are pre-set messages to inform the attendees if you're running a little late!

Another innovation is the so-called "People Hub". Your Windows 7 phone showcases pictures of everyone in your social life instead than a simple contact list and it keeps Facebook and Windows Live feeds and photos truly at reach. Windows has also added the "Me card" to enable simultaneous status update on multiple social networks from your device.

When it comes to emails, here's a threat to Blackberries as these are the only Mobile Outlook ready cell phones in the market. Windows 7 phones allow streamline account set ups with most common providers such as Windows Live, Google, Yahoo. In addition your Windows 7 phone will support multiple Microsoft Exchange accounts.

The browsing experience is very similar to the one you would get on a PC (except for the crashing); we just don't recall a phone that "B>allows up to 6 tabs with 6 different web sites on your mobile device. Well, these Windows phones can! The address bar has auto-suggestions as you type in a url as well as a search function. Like iPhones you scroll with your finger and can zoom in by using two fingers.

If you lose a Windows Phone, just go to your PC and you can track its location and even post on the home screen a plea to return the phone to its owner. Since these phones run on Windows 7, one can also access video games in the marketplace or through the free Xbox LIVE service. Furthermore, in the Marketplace users can download music and view movies in HD. Each phone comes with your favorite work software: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, OneNote Mobile and Sharepoint mobile versions.

Windows Phones

Samsung Ativ S Odyssey Verizon Phone
HTC Windows Phone 8X
Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile Phone

The Samsung Ativ S Odyssey Verizon Phone runs on Windows Phone 8.

The HTC Windows Phone 8X expected to be released in November 2012.

The Nokia Lumia 710 T-Mobile Phone is a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango running on a 3.7" touch screen.

Samsung Ativ S Windows Phone 8
AT&T LG Quantum
HTC Surround AT&T Phone

The Samsung Ativ S is the first Windows Phone 8.

The AT&T LG Quantum Windows 7 Phone with a slide out QWERTY, FM radio, 3G and Wi-Fi on a 16 million color 3.5-inch touchscreen.

The HTC Surround AT&T Windows 7 phone comes with slide-out surround stereo speakers. Amazing technology with fun built-in.

Samsung Focus AT&T Cell Phone

Samsung Focus AT&T Cell Phone features a 4 inches screen and runs on Windows 7 OS and a 5.0 megapixel camera with HD Video Capture.

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